Pfizer Blitz in the Corporate Area | TVJ News - August 21 2021 1

Pfizer Blitz in the Corporate Area | TVJ News – August 21 2021


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    1. Be sure that the people r not allergic to dye.preservative nor penicillin injection .be care ful now

  1. Loving this group. They are informed and understand that you can still get the virus after vaccination. Lets spread facts and stop the discrimination.

  2. Everyone forgetting the one of the most important side effects they are not saying is death. Yes it case death too.

  3. More sheep. How about you save that land, food and water. If the vaccine had a cost maybe I’d consider lol

    1. Jamaica people better wake up before it too late look how much people nuh have nuh food fi eat neither work fi take care a them family but only thing them can offer a vaccine mi nah support it that mean no blood is on my hands who have ears let them hear who have eyes let them see.

    1. Myrtle please quit with the stupidity. If people like you and social media were around during the polio, measles and chicken pox outbreaks there would be no cures. The Covid vaccines work l took mine since February when it was still in experimental stage. I work for a Healthcare institution in Cumberland county North Carolina. I have seen too many deaths from Covid so please quit it.

    2. @drewski, Am I lying? Who wants to die ? CORONAVIRUS or not. Well it’s sad because u are not the only one seeing people dying of that that deadly virus. Unfortunately my sister who happens to be a doctor in New York alone with my daughters ( nurses ) witnessed some of those deaths too. I do believe in destiny. If u born fe hang u cannot drown. A lot of people catch the CORONAVIRUS and don’t die and some died don’t? All is fair in love and war. We ain’t gonna live forever, just make sure your heart is right with GOD. EVEN DEATH IS NOT TO BE FEARED BY ONE WHO HAS LIVED WISELY.

    3. @Myrtle Clarke So because death is certain just be irresponsible? Don’t you think God’s will is also in the people who work hard to develope these vaccines to save lives? Jamaicans can pray all they want but if they don’t start getting vaccinated and taking Covid seriously seriously they will be in for a really rough time.

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