Pfizer, Moderna Decline To Attend WH Vaccine Summit | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Pfizer, Moderna Decline To Attend WH Vaccine Summit | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. @Brenda Wilson Paranoid much? That’s the same thing people said after the US defeated Nazi Germany.

  1. Confidence in the vaccine can only happen if the companies distance themselves from the person who doesn.t believe the science or experts!

    1. What science experts? Lol, you do know “science is just a method of hypothesis right??? You can call anyone who applies the scientific method a scientist. Just like you can call anyone who does math a mathematician, guy who likes physics and does physics a physicist. I do botany so I’m a botanist, i do chemistry so I’m a chemist. And the actual science and data says that COVID kills less people than bees, kess than pretty much anything at only 0.3% of people over 79 years old, lol. But you must all shut down, lol, for a flue that is so bad that you have to be tested to even know you have it lol. You know what my job is now?? Global pathogen prevention, meaning, I’m the guy who fights viruses in the global food supply, yes, i do cultures breed bacteria, study viruses, and design preventive measures. And guess what?? Everything that could have been done was already done before the Corona virus or COVID 19, yep, that’s right, you mask doesn’t matter, social distancing doesn’t matter, etc, none of it matters, its already been done in all protocols and things are already as safe as it could get before it got here from China. This flu is not killing anybody out of the normal flu season or normal flu. Vaccine??? Lol, you have to get a new vaccine for the regular Corona flu every year anyway. This os all huge propaganda and its mostly being perpetrated by the Democrats.

  2. Good. Im glad. He would probably just walk out on them like his did to the Honorable Dan Gable! Someone please make Trump responsible for his crimes. Let him rot in jail.

    1. @Fire puppies Responding to the virus was his key duty. Not to be played down. But Trump didn’t just not respond he exacerbated it for his own ends.

    2. @Michelle Carter oh no doubt. But I was setting up something in case someone tried to say he did nothing wrong. Make it clear they can’t say “BuT He Didn’t cAUse ThIs” when he isn’t exactly bringing much in terms of solutions and, as you said, making it worse most of the time.

    1. Who remembers when little-donnie would tag anyone-not-donnie-or smooching-donnie’s-butt as a DISASTER, which only donnie could fix?

    2. Calling his administration a complete disaster ….actually makes it sound better than it was. He’s a narcissistic psychopath- INSANE

  3. “Oh, why’d they do that? Aren’t they honored to-”

    *Giuliani and McEnanie catch the bug*

    “Understandable, have a nice day.”

    1. @GO CAPS racist Russian trump cult member with an alcoholic addiction. Learn to spell before you attempt to insult someone

    1. @Mark Fisher I first want to apologize to all ducks everywhere, lame or sound. Second, yes, Mark. I’m an English teacher and when the word “duck” is within ten yards of the word “trump” we drop the d and add an F. Every time. No exceptions.

    2. @Mark Wilson As opposed to OAN or Newsmax who have reported the election as a Trump landslide as he won 410 electoral votes!! LOL. Seriously? Are this stupid naturally or just practice very hard?

    3. @Mark Wilson Why does it have to be a personal attack? Why not defend Trump? Explain how he focuses on the interests of others? Show how he’s been an outstanding President?

    1. Everyone Trump fired would have been physically ejected if they hadn’t left right away, but this goose stays & still plays at being President. Wanker!!

    1. @Todd Morningstar didnt want to cause panic ? lol from someone who has been feeding his inbred base with FEAR all the time


  4. Smart companies! Trump trying to take credit for a vaccine, while he caused the pandemic??? Bye bye Dementia Don.

    1. Just caught Joe’s press conference and he was excited to announce he is close to a vaccine for H1N1😂

    2. @Think about it
      You mean the virus that was stopped after killing just a few thousand people? And not hundreds of thousands of people like the Covid HOAX?
      Great, don’t take ANY vaccine for Covid. It’s a hoax as the orange garbage told your cult. American will pay all costs if all you cultists keep going to your orange leader’s rallies.
      Humanity will even thank you :)))

  5. 2020 Nobel Peace Prize to all the scientists who developed these vaccines.
    2020 Crimes Against Humanity Charge against trump.

    1. jeeze – it’s sad to realize how many American citizens are IN THE DARK!!! TRUMP WAS NOMINATED for 3 times for The NOBEL PEACE PRIZE!!!! open your eyes, big fat orange man not so bad

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