Phantom Leader? House GOP Leader Huddling With Trump 1

Phantom Leader? House GOP Leader Huddling With Trump


While new books expose the disturbing final days of the Trump administration, GOP leader Kevin McCarthy remains close to former president Trump. MSNBC’s Ari Melber is joined by presidential historian Jon Meacham and author Michael Bender to discuss who’s actually running the GOP and the bombshell new reports against citizen Trump. Trump denies all these reports.
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    1. @Drew Zer yep terrorists. because the left sees the american flag as “racist” and puts the BLM flag over the american flag.

    2. @blacker58 To the victor go the spoils. Radical right wing extremists are the enemy and will be remembered as such when written by the victors. All in time.

    3. I want full public executions for every last one of them. And I don’t mean the people behind the T man.

    1. @Vote Fraud Joe republicans are alway worried about someone else’s sexuality because most of the aren’t getting any.

  1. McCarthy bends the knee to a seditionist traitor. That act alone eliminates him for being fit to hold any position of power.

    1. @Mark Flores I know. They do and say everything they blamed on out great President Trump. Idk how he doesn’t just say “screw it” with all the abuse. He really does loves our country and is a true Patriot.

  2. Biden needs to listen to this and be more clear and forceful about the danger America is facing.

    1. @Kevin universal health care, telling others what kind of cars they can drive, stimulus checks, helping other countries, green new deal, child tax credit, taxing groups higher than others, all communists/ socialists ideas.

    2. Impossible for the puppet to do anything “about the danger America is facing.”. HANDLERS of biden ARE the real danger ; America is in danger due to the biden rat mob.

    3. @Kevin , Just as TR & others, specify , socialist ideas are all plans of rat Dems . Trillions of for WASTE . HAS to be that way, for people to SEE the biden lunacy.

    4. @E.M. Cain Your name-calling and attack on a person fails to convince anyone of your argument . You simply reveal your non sensible attitude and absence of class.

  3. I’m getting really sick of these people that swear oaths and turn their backs to it. Seriously some people need to finally be blackballed out of any position of politics.

    1. @Tom Mcw • They’re not fleeing, they’re trying to save the voting rights for all Americans. That’s something we should ALL care about!

    2. @Kat loves dogs welfare isn’t the answer and I raise my kids never drawed welfare if I can do it anyone can

    3. Or, we could seek fair and honest elections and rely on the vote, because this is STILL The United States of America, despite the Democrat Party trying to turn this nation into the king of Communist nations.

    4. @Talking Butt Swearing to uphold the Constitution, so help me god, wouldn’t be binding unless I believed in God. So Trump obviously doesn’t believe in god or the Constitution. When he took that oath he lied to the populous of the U.S.A. He lied to me!

    People who handle nuclear weapons have to undergo periodic psychological exams.
    But not the person who gets to use them.

    1. @Mary Ann Lay Lanzon Some young for sure however….Experience in life and history counts for something. Seems like younger man than Milley might not recognize Hitler type fascist behavior.

  5. Just remember you are the only ones that can vote these clowns out don’t let trump intimidate or any of his clown

  6. When will media stop having “the experts” on air. “Life is so easy, it’s hard”. My book is coming soon.

    1. Kevie-poo is hoping for praise…
      Enough so that he’ll go belly down for Lardass45.
      He’ll scream without lube!!

    1. @Lando Biden didn’t have to fight, don’t you remember him bragging about the wolds largest fraud organization that was built by him and obama

    2. @XXII Elhazaroth Pagangrinder LXXXVIII Right, cause they only put patriots on the No Fly list.

      How many of Trumps criminal cabal have felonies now? looks like those lying lawyers are about to get disbarred too huh?

      Stupid for following Trump.

      You all hitched your horse to the wrong wagon, thats why you all aint going no where, cept prison.

  7. I remember when McCarthy asked The Former Guy, “DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE TALKING TOO?”
    Yes Kevin, he did. His Lap Dog.

  8. Still trying to make “bombshell” headlines out of what somebody says they thought in a book they wrote. Find news. Report it.

    1. Still leaving karen like comments on you tube news feeds that everyone already knows is BS. Find food. Cook it. Gather laundry. Wash it.

  9. 0:17 “That’s right, I kek mmm stir dawl bik mer nuh.”
    0:31 “Pretty good, I think we got most of that.”

  10. And we are still incredibly in danger of losing our freesoms when we have so many trumpublican tools, that are smarter, smoother and better able not to say the silent parts aloud as Trump so often did.

  11. I have been rejoicing ever since I got rid of my genital herpes with the herbs supplement I ordered from Dr. IGUDIA on YouTube. God almighty continue to bless you sir

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