Phil Rucker: Trump’s Interview With Fox ‘Was Not A Comfortable Interview’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC

In one of the most contentious interviews of his presidency, President Trump defended his response to the coronavirus again and repeated his claim that it would disappear. NBC’s Kristen Welker and Washington Post White House Bureau Chief Phil Rucker join Stephanie Ruhle to explain why this might be the last straw for some Republicans. Aired on 07/20/2020.
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Phil Rucker: Trump’s Interview With Fox ‘Was Not A Comfortable Interview’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Question: If Trump went to Saudi Arabia and was dismembered, would Pence just pass it off saying Saudi Arabia spends a lot of money on military hardware?

    1. @michael boultinghouse But……..there is O-V-E-R-WHELMING evidence that vote by mail DOESN’T have the fraud that trump says it does. Oregon has an outstsnding record on vote by mail.

      But even with in-person voting, the potential for more Republiscum fraud is there..Remember Diebold? A company owned by a major repub voter and donor.

      I feel the same as trump and Mcenany does about mail in voting……no problem. They weren’t worried about voting fraud when they endorsed the method by using it.

    2. @michael boultinghouse Lets see….lets have a vote by Anericans next week to see if we can have trump executed by a military firing squad for treason. Then we can get the whole process in motion and we can see what happens

    3. michael boultinghouse There are some of us that is disabled and can’t stand in hours long line. People have voted by mail for decades. Just because trump says it’s not safe doesn’t make it so.💙

  2. Who are we kidding? Those were not “tough questions”. I will give it to Wallace that he’s the only semi-decent person at Fox, but at the end of the day he is still a Fox shill.

    1. But demands for his firing are rising from the trumpetes,Donnie should stick with the fox morning show.

    2. *Obama changed the face of our economy for the worse*
      Oct 2016

      Question: What do Hong Kong, Singapore, Chile, Ireland and Estonia have in common?

      Answer: They all have more economic freedom than the United States.

      According to the 2016 edition of the Index of Economic Freedom — compiled annually by the Wall Street Journal and The Heritage Foundation — America has matched its lowest global ranking ever at #11, its seventh decline in the past eight years. Measuring such factors as rule of law, regulatory efficiency, limited government, and open markets, they conclude, “The United States remains mired in the ranks of the ‘mostly free,’ the second-tier economic freedom status into which it dropped in 2010.”

      Many believe we’ve arrived at this state of affairs due to the nature America’s mixed economy—capitalism coupled with government controls—and its nexus with President Barack Obama’s eight years of collectivist ideas and policies into American life and the economy. The result: Obama and his administration have upset, perhaps in some respects irrevocably, the tenuous balance between private enterprise (free markets, productivity, entrepreneurial growth, etc.) and the countervailing winds of government coercion and intervention.

      Certainly one of the primary culprits in this dynamic is the blizzard of regulations imposed under Obama. As reported by Sam Batkins of the American Action Forum (AAF), the Obama presidency has implemented 600 major regulations—defined as regulations that have “an economic impact of $100 million or more”—and is on track to enact 641 major regulations before he leaves office. This figure shatters the 426 regulations under President George Bush and represents a new major regulation every three days—according to Batkins costing, “on average, $1.4 billion . . . With the possibility of 50 more rules, the lame duck tally could push this regulatory cost figure to $813 billion . . . more than the GDP of the Philippines.”

      Faced with these and other findings, Obama remains obdurate and combative—offering kingly declarations in response: “By almost every measure, we are better off than when I took office” and “Anyone claiming that America’s economy is in decline is peddling fiction.” These assertions fly in the face of the numerous non-fictions he simply refuses to acknowledge: a labor participation rate near a 40-year low (including a record number of women); his single-handed accumulation of more debt (at $19.5 trillion and counting) than every other president before him combined;46 million Americans living in poverty and nearly 50 million on food stamps; his presidency overseeing a record number of home foreclosures; as well as America’s credit rating downgraded for the first time ever . . . the litany goes on. Is it any wonder that trust in Obama’s leadership and his administration remains at historically low levels? After almost eight years of government corruption, ever-expanding spending and taxation, bloating of the administrative state, and governance repeatedly highlighting racial, social and religious divisions, the once unassailable belief in America as the freest, strongest, noblest, most prosperous nation in history has been supplanted by a vision of ourselves that we do not recognize and from which we may never recover.

      Obama’s insistence on government being increasingly involved in the country’s private sector’s economic decision-making has inevitably given rise to more and more lobbyists, more special interest groups, more political influence, and more crony capitalism—which makes a mockery of his pledge to create an “unprecedented level of openness” and his claim that his administration has been “the most transparent administration in history.” His proof? Every visitor who comes to the White House is now a part of the public record.

      Given Obama’s lineage, his mentors and political influences, his controversial friends and associations, his background as a community organizer and neighborhood economic developer, should we be surprised that he is a man who knows only how to slice up the pie, rather than grow the pie? It is who he is. It’s in his DNA. He can’t help himself.

      Is it only a matter of time before America slides down to the next lower level of the economic freedom index and joins the ranks with Poland, Barbados, Albania, Rwanda, Namibia, Guatemala, Italy, Slovenia, and others—as “moderately free”?

    1. Manda : A lot of modern day “Pharisees” around. There are even some Catholics and Christians outside of the US who still think Trump is God’s instrument to do good. As in Chapter 2 of Luke’s Gospel, Simeon said “This child ( Jesus) shall cause the rise and fall of many in Israel: to be a sign that will be rejected so that the thoughts in their hearts will be revealed.” Jesus also said “ I came into the world so that the blind shall see and the sighted shall become blind.” How do you recognise these types? They are nasty and horrid to you when they find out you disapprove of the evil idol! Also they show a low ability to process information or disinformation.

  3. Trump is a liar. He knows he has doesn’t have what it takes to manage this pandemic so he’s simply given up in favor of just lying about it.

    1. @Montesa Are you kidding? He was impeached for his actions. That has only happened to three presidents in history. If Democrats rather than Republicans had a Senate majority, Trump would have then been removed from office.

    2. @Richard G It’s a death sentence for 4% of those that catch it. You may not be so cavalier if one of those casualties was your parent or child.

    1. Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 really? Life was good when Obama was in office, and I’m not a Democrat. Life sucks with Trump. Trump will go down as the worst president in our countries history! This will be his legacy. We need a president that will put our country over party. This is what we need.

    2. @Baron Harkonnen by their fruits shall ye judge them- in other words if we adopt an “outcome based” metric, the current administration’s fomenting of the greatest disunity in the american experiment- certainly in post-war history, is almost undeniably of benefit to all of our adversaries worldwide; to portray americans as shallow buffoons… leads only to the people of the world abandoning the possibility of american exceptionalism.

    3. @Baron Harkonnen The original report from Robert Mueller has the evidence, it’s all in there, but due to the corruption of the DOJ by Bill Barr the truth has been censored/hidden or “redacted” as America loves to say to make the censorship seem valid.

    4. @Baron Harkonnen Secret Police in Portland no Insignia, unmarked vehicles, no proper procedure in arrest. I know you need more PROOF!

    1. I agree. You listen to Trump enthusiasts talk about COVID-19 and it is surprising how many of them think the disease is an absolute hoax perpetrated by Never-Trumpers, doctors, Democrats, journalists and a host of people beyond US borders all working together in the grandest of conspiracies. They honestly feel that way!

    1. @TheTruthMATTERS! The fact that you find it difficult to read something longer than a trump tweet is something for you to work on, dear.

    2. 😅. Well@christopher romero hopefully no one dies. Then again some tea dummy Trumper’s thinking the same thing against their opposition.

    3. THE BIDEN PLAN TO COMBAT CORONAVIRUS Mounting an effective national emergency response that saves lives, protects frontline workers, and minimizes the spread of COVID-19.
      Eliminating cost barriers for prevention of and care for COVID-19.
      Pursuing decisive economic measures to help hard-hit workers, families, and small businesses and to stabilize the American economy.
      Rallying the world to confront this crisis while laying the foundation for the future.
      This is the plan posted on his website It is a Regurgitation of what Trump has already done, There is nothing New Tell us specifically what the Democrats would do.This is part of phase 2 of what Trump has done:
      Expanding testing from 80,000 tests in March to more than 10 million tests in May;
      Allocating billions of PPE to every state and territory:
      46.4 million N95 masks
      422 millions surgical and procedural masks
      8.9 million eye and face shields
      207 million gowns
      1 1 billion gloves;
      Ensuring that no American who needed a ventilator was denied a ventilator; and
      Releasing the Guidelines to Slow the Spread of COVID-19 .

  4. The man belongs in an institution for the criminally insane, not the Oval Office, for his own protection and especially for our protection.

    1. This is the clown that his cult and the GOP worship like a god…… might as well have Bozo the Clown as president.

  5. Someone should tell trump that all the non mask wearing warriors are mostly his supporters if they die who’s going to be left to vote for him

    1. Darren: The answer to your question is, NOBODY. Because all those idiots will infect everyone else.

    2. @NIGHTFOX216 The Trouble With COVID Is Its Mutating, So You Would Have To Catch It Every Mutation To Be Imunne……?

    3. I came to the same conclusion – that it made no sense that Trump was ok with killing off his voting base by telling them not to wear masks – but then it occurred to me that Trump probably expects the Russians to help boost (hack) his votes (again) this election to help him win. He clearly does not care if his base or the rest of America dies.

  6. it’s embarrassing this many people in our country are ashamed to have him as president. I know we all disagree on presidential candidates but this is beyond baffling. Worst president in history by far

    1. It’s Unbelievable how America ENABLES their Deranged Leader.
      Not ONCE have they imposed Serious consequences for Any of his Actions.
      Hence; your apathy is now costing you your lives!
      What you as a Nation has allowed Trump to do to you is ASTOUNDING!


    2. Killing off the GOP? Trump must be taking lessons from the Democrats.
      Boy, talk about self destruction. The Dems are doing such a good job at it there are now black people destroying the BLM sign in front of Trump Tower. They’ve red pilled so many with their insanity you Dems are done like dinner. It’s all over except for the crying and screaming. Music to my ears.

    3. @Vaxx Card well you signed on the roster….so there is a record you showed up. absentees dont do that

  7. Anyone that backs dump Trump should be embarrassed! He’s a waste of a human being THAT’S A FACT!!!

    1. It’s Unbelievable how America ENABLES their Deranged Leader.
      Not ONCE have they imposed Serious consequences for Any of his Actions.
      Hence; your apathy is now costing you your lives!
      What you as a Nation has allowed Trump to do to you is ASTOUNDING!


    2. Slayer of Socialism
      Shield of the Republic
      Protector of the Unborn
      Champion of, “Truth, Justice and the American Way.”
      President Donald J Trump…first of his name.
      “May the free folk sing songs of his greatness.”

    3. I have several medical conditions that could make COVID-19 fatal if I get it.

      However, I am still more concerned about the Riots and the still escalating violence throughout the county, which the mainstream media is rarely reporting on.

      If I die, my family and relatives still remain in a country sadly going out of control.

      The True PEACEFUL Protests
      were about Everyone getting together regarding the murder of George Floyd.
      ALL colors and all nationalities.

      Martin Luther King –
      His protestors carried no guns, took no lives,
      killed no children,
      didn’t burn and loot any businesses,
      didn’t damage and destroy property and terrorize neighborhoods.

      Democrats — pro-Riots —
      Killing, Burning, Looting, Vandalism —
      Destroying America’s Peace, Unity, and Safety !!

      Democrats don’t care about America!
      They don’t care about America Unity!
      They don’t care about the Saftey of Americans in their own homes and neighborhoods!

      This has been the Nastiest,
      most Divisive,
      Presidential Election Campaign!

      Stop the Violence against America!!

      Please read articles and see videos below:

      8 year old shot and Killed by Protesters

      Police chief breaks down after fire crews blocked from burning Richmond home with child inside –

      George Floyd’s brother calls for peace instead of violence


      Raw: St. Louis police chief gets emotional talking about 4 officers shot during riots

      ‘We will march with everybody’: Houston police chief tells George Floyd protesters
      – YouTube

      Michigan sheriff puts down weapons and joins protesters in march
      | 7NEWS – YouTube

      Black firefighter who spent life savings on new bar loses it to Minneapolis looters
      | The Post Millennial – News, Politics, Culture, and Lifestyle

      Black Firefighter Spent His Life Savings To Open A Bar. Then Minneapolis Looters Burned It Down
      | The Daily Caller

    4. @s until you understand that the protesters are different from the rioters and looters you’ll continue to be angry at the protesters or what you unwittingly deem to be protesters

  8. The GOPs who were aligned with Trump should have broke ties with him years ago and now it’s too late for them even if they tried now. History won’t be kind to these corrupt administration and the lawmakers who enabled him!

    1. @speks36
      The only reason Trump is President is b/c of the Obama administration.
      People had had enough of the Democrat corruption.
      Now you think Biden will win by bringing that failure back. Delusional.

    2. Nah, it’s the USA, the home of the “alternative fact”, it was set up for those kinds of people, they’ll go on to spread their venom and ignorance elsewhere.
      Always do.

    3. @Montesa instead of saying that it’s our fault please tell us what you think we should do? Are you suggesting that we show up on the front lawn with guns? Are you stating that we should try legal ramifications? What is your exact plan for attack that we as Americans could use? Because so far everything that I said has been done, sometimes on a daily basis, so by all means… Give us your foolproof plan. Please

  9. “The Oligarch didn’t seemed prepared or equipped to handle the questions from Chris Wallace!” A familiar pattern with Trump.

    1. He probably thought he would go easy on him because he’s on fox… wait for a Twitter rant. I’m calling it..

  10. Never has a person so unfit for office been elected president in our history. His supporters know it but admitting it, is admitting they fell for a cheap reality-show buffoon.

    1. @shananigans08 Blind loyalty. They don’t care about the country or their fellow Americans. They only care about pleasing Trump. Like small children.

    2. I’m not sure they do… some are rooted way down deep in that rabbit hole. Just today I’ve heard them say he doesn’t “brag” and that it’s the country’s fault that he can’t lead it.

    3. @rrpostalagain Love to know what reporter said that, Rrpost…..I’ll send him/her a montage of videotapes of him boasting. 😁

    4. @rrpostalagain They are completely indoctrinated. It won’t change. Group psychosis… Even with the most disease and death in the world and an economic crisis, and hostile take over of Portland with five other cities on his list… “he’s the best president every…” If he gets any better we’re in bigger trouble.

  11. Chris Wallace should have lit up a cig during the interview and tell him it is his freedom. Trumpee hates cigs.

    1. no staying with the lie and getting those huge unemployment checks for doing nothing but crying about something you are going to catch any way are have now bottom line we should all have it by now if not you going to get it that criminal being a smart person playing like your stupid you Kenneth

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