Philadelphia School District Superintendent Discusses Mandating Vaccines 1

Philadelphia School District Superintendent Discusses Mandating Vaccines


Philadelphia School District Superintendent, William Hite Jr., discusses how his schools plan to keep students safe as they return to the classroom amid a surge in coronavirus cases. He tells Stephanie Ruhle that mandating vaccines in the district is a "complex issue" and says he "absolutely" would've required them if he didn't have to deal with challenges like teacher's unions.

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  1. Unless the Borders get closed I’ll continue to believe the health of our citizens is not a priority.

    1. How about close the children’s open BORDER body to Wuhan virus?

      Unless you don’t mind your kids turning more Chinese with the Wuhan virus in their open BORDER body.

    2. Kinda like your God Trump lying and downplaying this in the beginning!!
      And only caring about being re-elected as 1000’s almost on a daily basis!!

    3. Joe Biden condones China’s genocide against Uighur Muslims as “different societal norms. “

  2. So when are we going to help get more of these homeless veterans off the streets the VA has been useless these homeless veterans programs that there’s they’re basically useless you get referred to death you go from one referral line to another to another to another to a dead end today’s actually the last day I’m looking for help I have totally given up I’m going back to the mountains and I’m going to take care of business my way

  3. Ce ce telfer shows how you can go from 390th ranked athlete in country to national champ
    By identifying as a woman instead of a man . Way to go for woman’s rights

    1. She wants the cops to hunt down the children lmao ……..
      Hope they are not black children I heard this same news caster say the cops are killing black people ……lmao this lady is pure trash

    2. It’s a nation of disintegrating democracy, infrastructure and human decency. I’d say USA is on the brink of civil war. So very many divisions and violence USA appears weak and fumbling to the rest of the world. This man is using common sense.

    3. @G Eak As long as it wasn’t another dirty racist like former Police Commissioner and Mayor Frank Rizzo!

  4. Dr. Fauci: Masks don’t work.We don’t need people walking around with masks on.

    Also Dr. Fauci: Masks do work,wear two.

  5. Good Man You Rock. this guy has a plan a good plan. I am so glad I don’t have to worry about my kids getting fed to the Virus. Good Luck Philadelphia

    1. Yes ! It’s great to see all those people doing as the government tells them ! We need more of that !
      What we need is a new world order !

  6. Theres way better schools to go to then this one. Its probably in a red state but blue states dont have much to offer anymore.

  7. Mask mandates for students and staff are fine. However, I believe schools need to do two things – 1. make sure students are wearing the correct type of masks that really do work not these thin flimsy things. 2. make sure all staff and students are wearing the masks correctly at all times. Too many students are wearing the wrong type of mask little protection. Both staff and students are not wearing them incorrectly again little protection for them and those around them.

  8. Why should doing the right thing be so hard, remember polio , maybe not , it was a time when Americans were required to get the vaccine and Americans came together and got the job done ..

    1. Yes because it wasn’t a experimental vaccine it had been tested for years !
      And even then there were some. Problems !

    2. @david c smith no it was because the American people had a government that cared about them and was working third improving there lives , the Covina vaccine has been in testing for 15 years do your homework …

    3. @david c smith polio was tested for 1 year , data was taken down , pencil on paper Thant them mathematitions calculated what took current algorithm months to get done with the Covid vaccine … the Covid vaccine moved fast because it was already being used for other similar contagions and tech has come a long way since the polio vaccine … kinda like comparing a model’ T ‘ to a race car …

    New Zealand finished the Covid race with 26 deaths 1 year ago.
    China finished the race on 14 January 2021 with 4,636 deaths.
    America is still struggling mid way through the race with 632,606 Covid deaths with 700 more each day.

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