Phillip: Why Taylor Greene keeps making anti-Semitic comments 1

Phillip: Why Taylor Greene keeps making anti-Semitic comments


CNN's Abby Phillip says that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) keeps making comments like the ones that compared the Biden administration's vaccination push to Nazi-era Brown Shirts because Greene believes that they help her with the Republican base loyal to former President Donald Trump.

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  1. We still don’t trust Marjorie Taylor Greene, no matter what she says.

    1. @PSoul tour the snowflake thinking that things are going to be normal after your jab think again only going to get worse

    2. @Rodney Walchly The only party acting like the Nazis are the Trumpublicans, Trump aimed for total power and control, now he screams, lies and continues his fraud,because he failed in his FIRST attempt, don’t forget Americans, Hitler failed in his first attempt, but eventually he gained that power, we all know (or should know) how that went.

    3. @Seymour Butts you will be the first one trying with the government boot on your neck that you all think is your savior government dont care about nothing but money and power

    4. @Rodney Walchly Go do the right thing. Quit smearing unfound fear around and trying to get it on everyone. It is yours alone if you choose to wear it.

    1. @Jeff Libby
      If you don’t condone that, why do you condone this?? You want to be the pot or the kettle??

    2. @Jeff Libby because if you hate something deserving of hate, for example, racists and bigots. Then there is nothing that needs to be mentioned outside of positive feedback.

  2. Because as a far-right conservative, she knows that the Evangelicultists, the Likudniks, and the Kahanists will have her back to matter what she vomits out.

    1. “The good news about Jesus Christ! And the untold secret that many do NOT know about Christians.”

      (Luke 15:7)- “there is more joy in heaven over one lost sinner who repents and returns to God than over ninety-nine others who are righteous and haven’t strayed away!

      (Explanation: did you know that there will be just as much joy in heaven for a gang member or prostitute or drug dealer, etc who turned their life around as much as a person who was a perfectly good Christian their whole entire lives? It’s true!

      (2 Peter 3:9)- “He does not want anyone to be destroyed, but wants everyone to repent.”

      (Explanation: God Does NOT want to punish teen parents, or gang members or prostitutes, gossips, bullies, etc, What makes Him happy is to see such individuals turn their lives around for the better and prove all doubters and critics wrong! That’s it.

      (The untold secret about Christians)-

      Did you know that A fair percentage of True Christians are actually FORMER gang members, or former drug dealers, former bullies, former teen parents, former prison inmates, etc? people who did bad things in their past and were desperate for a life change. So they turned their lives to Jesus Christ and the Bible. And it worked out well for them! Jesus Christ is wonderfully accepting!

      That is who we really are, not “holier than thou people.”

      Version 2.0

    2. @Priest Fulton J Wingba JR That’s the sad part of all that, captain obvious/post the same sh*t on every video. It’s called hypocrisy.

    1. I reject your claim that the comments are antisemitic. I also reject your claim that MTG is fascist.

    2. She stems her purpose for being in office on conspiracy theories and that is what she pushes when she makes these deranged statements.

  3. Why are the Republican party still dealing with this crazy talk woman? The Republican party is going down the toilet! With all the crazy people within their party?

    1. Because the Republican party has a core group of QAnon conspiracy theorists who believe in the Adrenochrome delusion a reiteration of the Medieval blood libel. Antisemitic fascists.

    2. Because the difference between a lot of the GOP establishment and Greene is that Greene is saying the things that a lot of them say behind closed doors. She’s breaking the sort of silk screen of plausible deniability.

    3. The GOP is extremely dangerous yet I don’t see them losing power. They could actually retake power in the senate and house after 2022. They were able to place a justice on the U.S. Supreme Court less than 60 days before the 2020 presidential election. They were able to beat back an investigation into the events of January 06, 2021. These people are growing stronger while others are pretending that their going away.

  4. Discrimination on the basis of colour,language, race ,religion, creed , caste, shape, region, country, dressing, culture or in any other form is a curse for all the humanity

    1. Sexual orientation, young, old, ugly, cute, popular, disabled, speaking ability, fat, skinny, tall, short, zip code, and the list goes on.

      Those that hate are those that should not lead.

    1. I dont care bout the holocaust I didnt do it it’s not my problem that being said idgaf

  5. Why? Because her fans require her to be. As long as there are people who clamor those sentiments, there will always be that someone who will grab to represent it. It’s a similar saying about killing of elephants for ivory : _When the buying stops, the killing can too._

  6. “Brownshirts” Greene? You mean like the ones Trump used under the guise of military personnel to squash the peaceful BLM protests and ended up escalating the issue?

    1. @Metaphysical Republicans are domestic terrorists and traitors. You belong in jail with MTG.

    2. @Smoke Rise you mean like those conservative protesters at the Capitol that beat a police officer to death trampled a woman to death and got another woman shot in the face

    3. @Zac Palmer Oh ok so if you violently seize an area that’s not too big then no big deal. I guess we’re in agreement then that an even smaller area…say the US Capitol…is an even smaller deal. Cool thanks

    4. @UC1F5LlB1d6-itThhITG8TMA I feel your pain. “metaphysical” is a real AH. Public sides with you.

    5. @xplicitmike How cute when the left starts talking about patriotism and loyalty and country all of a sudden. Go burn some draft cards thug

    1. She flashed her Neanderthal teeth during that “apology,” which looked like an attempt to suppress a huge grin.

    2. And any apology coming from a Republicans, even it’s about one of their own, is never sincere.

  7. I don’t demand everyone in our gov’t to
    agree with me but it’s a damned shame our law makers can’t speak like mature

    1. It, trump, hates democracy, free thinking and pliable laws need to be squashed, you will obey or else you will be destroyed, this is not too far of an assessment of this thing, it will destroy us if it’s allowed.

    1. Who do you think the real gangsters are in America the citizens?? Stop watching so much TV dude the real criminals are in government

    2. But pelosi in power does not even though que is using her position like all of them to make her family rich

    3. @Ms Linda So true. For those of us who don’t live in America (we’re 96% of the World’s population), it’s shocking to watch a once great country collapse inwards. Such a shame.

    4. What should scare you more is the people that voted her in… There are much more than just her to worry about.

    5. @glen edmondson they’re covering exactly that in this story by pointing out an insane person in government who chases people down to accuse them of being liars when she’s the one promoting lies and conspiracy theories

  8. As a Muslim I am offended by her comments trump tried to play Muslims agains jews yet that crazy man was a Nazi

    1. If you don’t like it why does your family provoke violence, as a Muslim in a Christian country move to Iran ,why try and turn AMERICA in a digusting religion like ala.,the Islam is Satan’s religion

  9. ….because she’s an anti-Semite…? People that are not anti-Semitic do not make anti-Semitic comments… it’s kind of obvious and we should stop being afraid to call it what it is

    1. Regardless of whether I hated you or not, it’s not proper for me to insult you. Isn’t that essential social interaction?

  10. She’s only reflecting her constituents views. They seem to be happy with her. Lots of folks hold these views, and the republicans have been playing to them since Reagan.

  11. You kidding me. 2 options, she’s anti-Semitic Or she’s so morally vacant that she’ll happily play one for attention. Either way, doesn’t require a panel to figure out

  12. So everyone is a Nazi except Marjorie, eh? She’s projecting so much she should rent herself out as a movie theatre.

  13. The United States should pump all of the sewage into both Greene’s and Gaetz’s districts and then treated at Maralago. Oh I’m sorry Donald you can’t respond on social media.

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