Philonise Floyd On The Chauvin Verdict: ‘I Wanted To Jump Up And Down’ | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1

Philonise Floyd On The Chauvin Verdict: ‘I Wanted To Jump Up And Down’ | The ReidOut | MSNBC


Philonise Floyd talks about his reaction when the verdict was announced: "When the judge started reading and I heard 'guilty,' and then I heard 'guilty,' and then I heard 'guilty' one more time, I wanted to jump up and down … I was ecstatic about everything." Aired on 04/21/2021.
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Philonise Floyd On The Chauvin Verdict: ‘I Wanted To Jump Up And Down’ | The ReidOut | MSNBC


  1. I think we should ask all the Cops if they think Derek Chauvin is guilty and if they say NO, Fire them on the spot!

    1. @Eric Crapton ah, but in the meantime chauvin will be spending 23 hours a day in a cell, the appeal will take years. If chauvin happens to win his appeals his wife left him with all his money, he won’t have a life either way

    2. You sure found the trolls … Evengenital Kkkristian Republickkklan Deplorable Pride KKKultists and sociopathic trolls for Our Lord Littlehands! Bullies and wife beaters point at their wives and say “she hates me!”

    1. @Akitsu Maru your stupid, Blacks proclaim cops are out to get them so do call. That’s being real

  2. The police need more funds and respect! Resisting arrest has consequences. Floyd was a career felon

    1. @Michael Williams
      Please tell everyone on this vine how much fentanyl and meth was in George’s system ?
      You’re obviously the smartest man on here, so you would know.

  3. Everyone: “You gotta be a real sorry sack of loser to be defending Chauvin at this point.”
    Maga: “Chauvin is innocent!”

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