Philpott: Health-care system in Canada has changed

Former health minister Jane Philpott, The Globe and Mail’s Robert Fife and The Star’s Stephanie Levitz discuss health care.

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  1. I know of some Nurses at LTC facilities have to look after 35-40 patients per shift, that is INSANE, and we blame the nurses for poor care with the most vurnerables.

  2. Get rid of Trudeau and Liberals, stop immigration gatekeeping of very qualified nurses, doctors and other related health professionals, build specific use surgical and mental health facilities and add more hospitals in rural areas

    1. @Professor Akiba The system is broken in its core. Your taxes go for more bureaucracy instead for more hospitals and healthcare professionals. We need private sector alternatives.

    2. @Mark Twainnot really. When you look at the insurance boilerplate, that’s where the bottlenecks happen. Many of these issues can be eased with digital solutions. Issue here is insurance workplace culture.

  3. There’s large shortage of doctors. Perhaps we need to encourage students to go to medical school by not charging any tuition.

    1. Who wants to be a doctor. The province states that a doctor must handle xx patients per day. But what happens is that the doctors are expecting appropriate compensation. Now, what has happened due to lack of cost of living increases, is that doctors are leaving the field. In the interim the doctors are seeing 2xxx patients. and at the original compensation determined 5 years or more years back.

      What I think the doctors need is a mix of a base income plus an amount per patient hour. Sayu 40k to handle office, and secretary and related expenses Plus an amount per patient and pr patient-hour. Oh so many doctors quit because the work was too stressful. They were seeing patients, without any time to give quality care.

      In my childhood days (1945-1950) , before medicare, our family doctor did house calls. Can you realize that it was due to lack of hospital beds. Now we have beds, but no doctors.

  4. Canada’s healthcare went from “our system nobody gets denied medical care” to “if you don’t do what we say, you don’t get healthcare”.

    1. @Big ol Bear  Yup, the “public healthcare system” is turning to “private healthcare insurance” practices.

  5. Just allocate money from SOMEWHERE ELSE – what does the ordinary person do with their own budget? Stop funding ( bribing) everything else under the sun.

  6. Great ideas. We do not have enough money to fund the existing healthcare system so the solution is obviously to add dental care and pharma care to the things we cannot afford to pay for.

  7. Everything except for the idea that any one side is part of the solutions. These are non partisan issues that go back decades through several rounds of leadership.

  8. There is a large amount of corruption. Some of the local leadership wastes the money to say that the plans don’t work. All they are proving is that what they did with the money doesn’t work and in so doing they are hurting Canadians. There needs to be accountability at every level but with less bureaucracy. Ottawa doesn’t have a solid understanding of what each area needs. Give the provinces the money and allow the leadership there to take accountability for their regions.

  9. Federal has not been paying their part of the agreement. 50%. Our Premier said they now pay only 22%. So I’m sure that hasn’t helped. Then fire unvaxxed medical care workers , because that made sense to do to a hurting health care system.( insert eyeroll)

  10. For many years now, the doctor to patient ratio has become increasingly inadequate!
    How are we planning to provide timely access to health care for Canadians let alone the annual wave of newcomers?
    There are thousands of experienced physicians, nurses and other health care professionals among these newcomers but layers of bureaucracy and politicking prevent them from offering their skills!
    Hopefully, we won’t continue to TALK about the problem for many more years to come as we have done in the past!

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