Photographer snaps notes of MyPillow CEO after visiting Trump 1

Photographer snaps notes of MyPillow CEO after visiting Trump


A Trump ally's notes visible as he visited the West Wing revealed a suggestion to replace the current CIA director with the current acting chief of staff at the Pentagon.

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  1. Holy sh*t this country has gone off the deep end when a pillow salesman has the president’s ear…where are all the seasoned advisors…oh yes tRump fired them because he didn’t like what they had to say…

    1. @Anony Mouse I know that. I have actually seen him speak a couple of times in person and he seems like a good-hearted guy and proud of the company he’s built and proud of the employees he has producing a product and jobs in the US. I work in manufacturing and want the US to bring back good jobs that were moved overseas.

    1. Robt E Lee III yea. The clintons lined their pockets too. Last time i checked, the clinton foundation was worth 360 million but for some reason, all of the million dollar donations disappeared after she lost the election. Trump is going to have a good pay day with his election campaign fund . It isnt really for elections and trump has a stipulation where he can use the 250 million he has raised for anything he wants.

    1. This is crazy and scary. My daughters friend told us about this a few days ago. Her friend was told by someone they know who works in Washington. They said there was the possibility of martial law being implemented for 2 weeks. They also said that the internet was going to be shut down during martial law. After seeing these notes it appears that Trump may be continuing to conspire to stay in office using martial law. All he needs is the excuse of a country emergency like these expected march’s planned for inauguration week. Everyone should know about this.

    2. @R.K. Appling no. Martial law does not prevent the transition of power. Also the armed forces will not follow an illegal ordeer. Trying to order the stop of the inauguration would be an illegal order.

    3. @Ashley rissinger walters This is what I have been saying for weeks! He is using all of Hitlers tactics. America should be very concerned about what he is planning and how he is effecting our country, especially when things went so wrong when Hitler was in power and manipulated so many with lies. The world does not need or want another Hitler. Trump is doing his best to turn Americans against each other for his own benefit. If he can have us fighting amongst each other, it gives him the ability to use people’s anger to destroy our democracy. The more followers he gains, the more power he obtains and then he has more control to carry out his agenda.

    4. @peppermint patti its freaking crazy. I usually just quietly seethe at them, but sometimes I just have to say something to let out my frustration

      Much love, peppermint

    1. @John Doe well you know thats true Academically! And Eric lol! Dumber then a box of rocks lol! Nut they give good russian head ! Lol!

    2. @John Doe lol shut up apologist. Just because your refuse to acknowledge that hunter and joe were cleared by trumps DOJ from any criminal activity and instead to believe lies shows your wilfully ignorant.

      Go back to being afraid of a non existent deep state and that the moon landing is fake.

    1. How about James Sullivan- the leader of antifa and his code name in YouTube: Jayden X and Insurgance USA leading the group who broke in?

    2. @DevilJin01 so is Hunter biden…. On that crack pipe … Cnn staffers might be on crack too cz their ratings is based around trump and more trump,even when biden come in theyll still be talking about trump even though they hate him he gets them ratings, so sick of the same news all the time, trump ,….trump, trump… And crazy white reporters on cnn stirring up frenzy… Im brown.. How about some foreign news casters with some accents for a change… Shut up lady tired of you.

    1. @Muddy Water Trump wants to eliminate section 230 protection so that social media platforms are responsible for what people say on their platforms instead of holding the individuals accountable. You want to talk about restricting free speech? Well, eliminating those protections would result in those platforms shutting down because there’s no way they could protect themselves from the liability. If anyone should be compared to Hitler for restricting free speech, it should be Trump.

  2. It’s amusing that those that are Blindly repeating the words and phrases that Trump tells them to say — ‘stop the steal, this is our country, etc — are the same people that call the rest of us ‘sheeple’. Irony has become lost on the right

    1. @Ari berry Trump and Putin have won. Try to have an opinion that’s not hardcore left or right…and be relentlessly attacked. America is no more.

    2. @TimeToChange121
      Saying Trump lost because of fraud is not an opinion. That is a lie, a non-fact.
      Arguing, say, pro-life vs pro-choice – those are both opinions.
      Even: Trump was the worst president ever or the best ever – both opinions.
      Saying the earth is flat is not an opinion, that’s a lie, a non-fact.
      You see the difference.
      If we stick to that simple rule, we can all have a spirited conversation on the issues.
      Get it, or are you to dense?

    3. @dan dansen show me where I argued Trump lost because of fraud. I never did. But I don’t blindly attack other people either.

    1. The ceo gave Trump a lot of pillows,because he is going to cry before leaving the white house ,he might needed more pillows

  3. The only newscaster to actually speak to the audience like she is having a conversation with the home viewer instead of trying to be all proper and trying to stick to a script. She’s so normal which is what a newscaster should do. She’s amazing at her job.

    1. I thought the exact same thing. I’ve only recently started watching CNN regularly. I like their straightforward deliveries.

  4. Also don’t forget after he lost the election he sent out those emails to con his cult out of money that said “Are you willing to die for Trump?!”

  5. Mike “the Pillow” Lindell may get that loud knock on his door from the FBI. I also think that he is definitely hitting the pipe again.

  6. My racist guy .. I mean “My pillow” guy . We all know he cuts two eye holes in the pillow case. Dude looks just like Hitler

    1. SOLD ON AMAZON. CALL THEM!! Hit MY-SEDITIONIST-PILLOW where it hurts their bank account. They care about nothing else

  7. Trump: “Proud Boys stand back and stand by”
    *and then they did*
    >.> he acts autocratic. He needs to be held accountable.

    1. Blaming convoluted speech, doesn’t always work in court. A phrase or a word can be interpreted in many different ways. You will hear things like;. Well , your honor, what I was meaning by that… , That’s not what I meant, and,.. people distort what I say, etc..

    2. @David G. …lol “convoluted speech”…the story of trump’s presidency!!! I would expect the senate to include 2/3 of them to see through his “convoluted” speech, I hope they do..

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