1. It’s crazy that GENERALS are getting picked off. That’s not small thing. That could damage the Russian military for decades.

    1. @Teresa Tanasi Thank you for sharing.
      My country most probably will have to pay its dues. I am feeling sad that many will not live to see my country free and prospering.

      Look up a lecture of Yuri Bezmenov about russian counter intelligence, it is from the 80s.
      It is about how they planned to destabilise USA and how some of these can become a reality there, over the Ocean, still only in theory back then.

      Well, 40 years have passed. During recordings of some of his lectures you can hear people laughing. You see what Yuri said and see if they were right to laugh.

    2. Honestly Russia has too many generals. In 2021 the number of generals in Russian army was reduced from 1,200 to 700.

  2. For Russian generals, it’s either die on the battlefield, or face treason charges back home, for doing such a bad job. And remember, Russia re-instituted the death penalty right before the invasion.

    1. @조명수 Agreed, Warrior’s way… Leadership all the way up, do what you signed up for or suffer the consequences – pretty rough, but it’s a war times/laws/rules outtere

    2. @adafu2 NATO bombed Iraq? Your opening lie that NATO bombed Iraq kind of destroys your whole argument. NATO is a defence agreement between 30 diverse and different countries and not a federation like Russia has and NATO did not bomb anyone in Iraq. The coalition that invaded Iraq consisted of 3 countries that are in NATO and one non NATO country, with support from 3 other NATO countries, which means 26 countries, which is over half, were not involved. Yes we all know that the Russians are capable of levelling a city like they did in Aleppo or Grozny so why not here? Firstly, having been fed a diet of lies that Ukrainians would welcome them the Russians assumed they would have taken the country to add to mother Russia in 48 hours. Part of Putin’s raison d’etre was that in his mind Ukraine was historically part of Russia and its people Russian, so why would he destroy the cities in Ukraine like Grozny or Allepo that he did not care about? However, now that Putin has been thwarted he may well level the cities if he can and certainly there are mounting civilian casualties. However Putin does not have total air superiority because the Ukrainians have ground to air missiles and his artillery batteries are getting picked off by Turkish drones.

      That Gorgeous George and Tucker Carlson might fall for Russian propaganda is no great surprise. Labs yes, developing biological weapons no. In fact it is a farcical concept; if the USA wanted to develop biological weapons it would do it in some secret US facility, not in some dodgy non NATO country with significant links to Russia.

    3. @Home Body Was January 6th really treason? Doesn’t it require some kind of harmful intent? Weapons? Sabotage? Did anybody even stub a toe? Or just a funny photo opportunity?

  3. Just can’t believe Russias military is this vulnerable. Was thinking the 3 mile convoy that sputtered out was a diversion. Embarrassing but good for Ukraine I guess

    1. @Matt Personally, I can’t say something is certain unless I see it with my own eyes. It’s insanely easy to manipulate people through digital media. Like, scary easy.

    2. @K K Because it’s Ukranian citizens posting to their regular accounts and there are tens of thousands of posts that all align.

    3. @K K Russia has never been America’s friend. Now they have started a major war. Not sure why people would defend them unless they are being manipulated.

  4. Hopefully they’re not getting the bad generals who were responsible for that 40miles convoy parking lot. If you’re at war and their leaders are running them into the ground. You let that guy keep going. There was a point in ww2 when the allies had Adolfo’s location, they knew he was there and they had a fleet of over 1000 bombers. But at that point he was a liability to the reichs war capabilities because of his poor tactical ability his complete mistrust of his highly skilled generals and his erratic emotional behaviour.

    1. @Brandon Smith  he was consistently pumped with drugs before he delivered his speeches, even before the war started. Methamphetamine and other drugs played a major role in his rise, there is plenty of evidence.

    2. @OldManGhost That’s why Putin sits in a very long table. Hitler almost blew up when a suitcase bomb exploded under the table!

  5. If NATO intelligence knows Belarusian army wants to join the invasion in Ukraine. Sanctions should begin earnestly. Glory to Ukraine

    1. If NATO wants to fight they’d love any excuse to attack Belarus to see how ready Putin is to stand up for an ally.

      State of the art stealth bombers among other war machines are amassing in Poland, Belarus better just sit this out.

    2. If lukashenko tries to join the invasion, there might be a coup. Then hilter… I mean Putin will come to his aid.

    3. Don’t be a PUPPET for the USA stand with Russia and China 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇨🇳🇨🇳 ZERO bravery by Ukrainians just NWO slaves and lip service. President of Ukraine and parliament blonde female haven’t shot at anyone and just propaganda for the civilians to kill themselves by standing up to Russia with arms. To support their other lie of genocide on “innocent civilians” Zelensky is an actor who sacrifice civilians to stay in power. 🧠




    1. “Thoughts and prayers”……come on, get real. That never works. Like millions of others, I want Ukrainian forces to DECIMATE the invading Russians.

      Send the Russians home in a body bag….

    2. Dios del multiverso, Dios de los años luz, en tu inmensa compasión ayudas al pueblo ucraniano.

  7. Russia lost 15 Commanders in less than a month. Now that the war is getting much worse for Russia, they are losing a commander per day. The commaders get killed by Ukranian Snipers and drones.

    1. @Mr Sir stop defending invasive terrorists which will use any convenient excuse to genocide a supposed “brotherly nation”, Russia has already killed more innocent civilians in a few days then what they claimed the Ukrainian “Nazis” have done in 8 years, in their branding of the Donbas genocide. God you people are beyond salvation, this level of stupidity is ungodly.

    2. @Stefan – as for the Jews in the ranks. I’ve seen that. They have the red and black flags (Organization of Ukrianian Nationalist) with the star of David on them. Those are the Stepan Bandera supporters right? Is that holocaust revisionism because I don’t get it. Thanks.

    3. @Amadeus Mozart lmao a leader that got thousands of people killed🤣😂very smart leader. This is why the majority of the people in thw world couldn’t care anyless what happens to the people in Ukraine. They’ll be forgotten by the next U.S. election😂🤣

    4. @R Torres I agree with most of what you said, but most Europeans including me have always been critical of US foreign policy, despite there being merit to defending people from autocratic regimes. I am absolutely in favour of Nato though, it’s the only way Easter Europe can defend themselves from Russia.

      Furthermore, I would still consider Russia more brutal and inhumane. People also forget that Stalin was even worse than Hitler. Ukrainian ultranationalism was bred out of fighting both Nazi Germany and Stalinist oppression. In the end Stalin killed more Ukrainians than Hitler did. You saw multiple movements picking either side and eventually a complete rebuke of both and even Polish imperialism. This rebuke happened in the form of terrorism, which of course is not good but self-explanatory, any group at the hands of imperialism will resort to ultranationalism and terrorism. Russia takes 0 responsibility for their cruel past. At least America admits their mistakes.

      Also, Ukraine, Belarus and Western Russia are all offspring of the Kievan Rus’. Ukraine has every right to be a sovereign and independent nation, Kyiv predates Russia. If we follow Russia’s logic we may as well invade Russia and Belarus as there are more anti-semites there and technically offshoots from the Ukrainian region, not the other way around.

    1. @D F ‘We’ means people with a brain and Putin is fighting this war because he fear a crewmate political take over after Belarus weakeness.

    2. Putin wants to preserve his own “precious bodily fluids,” his doomed Russian generals be damned.

    1. Don’t be a PUPPET for the USA stand with Russia and China 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇨🇳🇨🇳 ZERO bravery by Ukrainians just NWO slaves and lip service. President of Ukraine and parliament blonde female haven’t shot at anyone and just propaganda for the civilians to kill themselves by standing up to Russia with arms. To support their other lie of genocide on “innocent civilians” Zelensky is an actor who sacrifice civilians to stay in power. 🧠

    1. Yes I agree.. And yet.. Fox news continues bashing CNN. They are such a farce…and they are all traitors..

  8. Russians have made so many blunders it’s astounding. Outrunning your supply lines and being totally unprepared for it; opening 4 fronts ( about 2 or 3 too many); thinking of an amphibious invasion; little, incorrect, or no intelligence on the adversary; no preparation of the infantry on expectations; not supplying the ground troops properly to begin with; sending in conscripts/draftees instead of seasoned or well trained battle groups; resorting to wanton destruction and civilian casualties that only rile up resistance from non combatants. I’m sure there a few others that I haven’t thought of right now, but that’s why they have some high ranks in there trying to correct all of the blunders and missteps, and being exposed to opposition action.

    1. @Michael Shirhall Nice try and laughable lie that 1 bomb killed 4,000 Ukranian soldiers. 150 are estimated to have died from that disgusting hypersonic missile; not 4,000. I view both sides as losing, but Ukraine is winning the tactical war. Russia has lost at least 10,000 troops and most experts have the number closer to 15,000. Russia has also lost over 400 tanks and many plane and helicopters. But the casualty numbers for Russia are really bad. America lost about 3,000 soldiers in 20 years of fighting the Afghans and 1 general. Russia has lost over 10,000 soldiers and 5 generals in just 25 days of fighting.

    2. @John Smith couldn’t come up with a better fake name, Ivan? John Smith is awfully generic. Try harder, comrade…

  9. I have so much respect for the courage and determination of the Ukrainian people. They are brave and bold. I pray for them every day. 🙏 ♥️

    1. @The Falcon if someone came to you’re home and wouldn’t leave what would you do falcon? Fly away ?

    2. @The Falcon yes indeed , Pushing for NATO expansion created this mess…………………..The Mercenary Brutal Martial Arts action by former FFL 2 REP Sniper now on Amazon prime

    3. @The Falcon Maybe if the leader had followed the direction of his cabinet which voted overwhelmingly to trade with the EU over Russia, then he would not have been overthrown. Sadly, his corruption got him removed. No need for more suffering, Putin can withdraw at any time or he can destroy his army and what is left of the Russian economy until one of his own wastes him. Russia has already lost as weapons and fighters are now pouring in to Ukraine. Putin fell for his own bs which is what happens to every Dictator after they surround themselves with the appropriate yes men. You aren’t just losing the propaganda war, comrade, you are losing on the ground and it is going to get much worse for you.

    4. Dios del multiverso, Dios de los años luz, en tu inmensa compasión ayudas al pueblo ucraniano.

    1. @Дмитрий I did. It’s quite biased. Yes, Ukraine is another proxy war, but no, Russia is not justified in going into Ukraine. Saying “Zelenski wasn’t democratically elected” is a red herring, that would be like Great Britain going into Washington after the successful revolution and being like “Hey hey! Washington wasn’t democratically elected!” Yeah, there was a popular revolt and revolution, it’s a messy process, the guy up to 2014 was DEFINITELY a dictator that callously killed his own people, and he was a Putin puppet. This is well known.

      In the end it isn’t that complicated. People who are saying Russia has justification have no good reasoning behind such statements. Russia is an aggressor, and Putin’s OWN public stated reasoning has nothing to do with democratic this or that. He says the reason he is invading is to “denazify” Ukraine, which is such obvious bullshit. There’s nothing Nazi about Ukraine. Zelenski is a Jew and his family fought the Nazis.

      Please stop gas lighting people with ignorance and conspiracy theories.

    2. @Mr Sir Yeah… using the whole Nazi thing really doesn’t seem to be working for you guys, but keep flogging that dead horse, pal. It’s kind of like the whole Hunter’s laptop thing… a big dud.

    1. Jake Tapper is incapable of explaining it, that’s for sure. General Petraeus is a professional; he knows what’s going on.

    2. except he is biased agianst Russia ,folks CNN is not right place to get objective news all those people have agenda to misled you.

  10. Always good to hear from a military man who knows what he’s talking about. What I would like to see is Ukraine having a MISSILE DEFENSE SYSTEM, a SHIELD, to deflect the murderous, destructive missiles that the Russian war criminals are launching into Ukrainian towns & cities.🇺🇦

    1. he knows what he’s talking about because he took part in occupying countries and bombing civilians

  11. “If there’s one thing I know it’s not to mess with Mother Nature, Mother-in-Laws and Mother Freakin’ Ukranians” Sneaky Pete, *The Italian Job 2003*

  12. Ukraine had 50,000 Special Forces before the invasion. Their Special Forces have the highest percentage of sniper units for it’s size of any military force in the world. They are armed with Snipex T-Rex and Alligator anti-material rifles. They are working Russian depot and assembly areas behind the lines and they are trained to gather intelligence, identify and target commanding officers.

  13. The death of the Generals is amplified by the lack of self direction identified in the lower ranks. That is the opposite of what one German General observed about American soldiers: he found them one and all to believe they were the next General Patton, and that the old military ploy of killing the leaders didn’t work the same with American soldiers. The Russian front line personnel lack any knowledge of the overall strategies involved or overall goals of the campaign. They also have no way of honestly conveying what they are seeing on the battle field to the command level personnel because they have been taught that ‘thinking wrong’ will get them punished.

    1. The American Armed Forces TEACH Leadership from the lowest rank soldier, sailor, airman and Marine, to generals. That’s the difference…

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