Piecing Together The Moments Before Floyd’s Death | MSNBC

Piecing Together The Moments Before Floyd’s Death | MSNBC 1


  1. Those 4 animals are guilty even the ones that just stood there! The city wasn’t stepping in against the rioters because they know those 4 devil cops are guilty! Now Trump is trying to step in pointing his little fingers at the Minneapolis Gov n mayor like the racist he is!

  2. Looks like murder. They see the guy is in distress. They even note it. There was no need for so much force. He was already handcuffed. This is murder pure and simple. They were on him for 10 minutes while he was slowly dying. It’s disgusting short and simple. It’s murder.

    1. @Numinous20111 The officers were ensuring that the murder was carried through. Screw unwritten union code. I refuse to believe that it’s humane to watch a man be tortured and murdered. They poured oil onto an already long burning fire.

    2. In all the video Floyd wasn’t doing anything wrong he wasn’t trying to do anything there was no need to play Rambo

    3. Cops are scared little boys with guns, and a license to use excessive force when ever they please. AND…they get mad if you DO NOT respect their power over you. Say the wrong thing, move the wrong way = your death. This is not a bug, it’s a feature.

    4. Sabrina Arnaldo Rojo Parnas Manu people have experienced police officers illegally falsified the video from their body camera. This video footage were Exeter as well! The body camera certainly recorded how the police officer forced Floyed on the ground and knees him on his neck! But where this part of footage go?! The police department deleted it! This record falsification is a direct evidence that these police officers knew clearly what they did was a crime!
      Trump responded to this incident and afterwards protest: looting leads to shooting, and he will lend military to the mayor of Indianapolis!! Trump didn’t respond to the police officer’s brutally killing misconduct at all!

  3. do we value money so much now…
    that if you are suspected of using fake money…
    you can lose your life over it…
    how proud Jesus must be…

  4. They will be judged, the 4 or 5 seconds before they take there last breath will be no fun i assure you.

  5. I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe! What has become of America? How many times do we have to keep hearing these words echoing? Have we become one huge GITMO Concentration Camp with tRump wanting to Wall us in?

    1. @Russian Bot The pathetic loser is Trump. He’s going to be thrown out of office and put into prison.

    2. “What has become of America?” What are you talking about? This sort of thing has been going on in America since day one, it’s just that now there’s cameras everywhere, so these things get caught on security cameras, police body cameras, and the cameras on the smart phones so many always have on them.

    1. I was thinking the same thing about autopsy results. It’s clear to me that Officer Chauvin was enjoying his sick actions, but if George was already in “medical distress” prior to them pinning him down, what’s to say he wouldn’t have died anyway?

    2. Sara Abrams – how reasonable would that be? We all might die, so cops can never be murderers.

    3. Andy P – well my point was just that he may have already been dying from some other kind of medical emergency unrelated and prior to these officers’ actions. We need the autopsy results to determine the exact cause of death and then the prosecuting attorneys need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the officers were responsible. We simply don’t have enough information yet.

    4. Sara Abrams – America is a disgusting country with a corrupt legal system, so who knows what will happen. Maybe if your father or son had his neck knelt on for 10 minutes before dying you might think differently. I wouldn’t want to live in the US again; corrupt murdering police, biased courts, sky high murder rate, mass shootings, racism, religious fundamentalism, low level of education, terrible healthcare (unless you’re rich), etc etc
      Glad I live in a civilised part of the world.

    5. Andy P- Again, I’m agreeing with you that what this former officer did was sick and uncalled for. I don’t need to lose someone close to me in the same way just to see that, but an opinion alone is not going to find this man guilty of manslaughter. We need the facts.

  6. Who passes a bad bill and sits outside the store? The store owner in his statement said he did not think George knew it was counterfeit. But that doesn’t even matter, they killed him!

    1. Even then I don’t understand why a HANDCUFFED man needs to be restrained chest to the ground with a knee on the back of his neck. Especially when there’s 4 COPS. Just restrain him upright and safely. It was a lynching and the nation knows it. Flames = anger.

    2. This had happened to me once I went to Jack in The box and handed them a $20 bill they told me it was counterfeit I had no idea. Glad they didn’t call the cops on me

    3. As far as I know I know I have never had a fake 20 or whatever. Not that I know of! But I may have had some and not known, I am no expert and I don’t look at every bill? So as a cashier grabs up your 20 and checks it, I always wondered what would happen if someday one say’s THIS IS FAKE! now it may be. But Someone would have given it to me, so some other cashier! What a tragic mistake if that is what happened here, someone may have given him a fake bill?

    4. @Elizabeth Barrett Wonder who that killer cop voted for? you think it was Hillary? I dont’!

    1. Exactly. Though based on the video he did try to passively resist (as it’s his right) and the cops didn’t like having to carry him. So they turned his passive resistance into a struggle and treated him accordingly.

  7. Those cops literally choked the life out of Mr Floyd without one iota of remorse or care. It wasn’t a split second shooting because they thought they had a gun. It wasn’t a no-knock warrant going after someone violent. It was straight up murder.
    Eff that! 😡

  8. R.I.P George, I was in tears when seeing what they did to you . All of them have to be in charge for murdering.

  9. This Definitely is the STRAW that’s gonna Break!! The!! Camel’s BACK!! Covid 19 wouldn’t keep me Home either, that Pig Terrorized, Tortured, Killed this Man on Video for 8 minutes!! RIP Mr.Floyd 💔💔

  10. “You’re got to be taught to hate and fear.
    You’ve got to be taught from year to year.
    It’s got to be drummed in your dear little ear.
    You’ve got to be carefully taught.
    You’ve got to taught to be afraid.
    Of people whose eyes are oddly made.
    Of people whose skin is a different shade.
    You’ve got to be carefully taught.
    You’ve got to be taught before it’s too late.
    Before you are six or seven or eight.
    To hate all the people your relatives hate.
    You’ve got to carefully taught”.

    1. I think the main guy should get life in jail.. Death sentence is to easy.. And the other 3 should be manslaughter and shorter sentences for not direct responsibility but even as I type these words I’m torn between that and they could have stopped it.. This is a very tricky matter.. What I’d like to know is do white people ever get treated like this.. Ie lower socio economic as not all us whites r rich or born into money.. Is it just not reported.. I’m unable to know being from new Zealand.. Can anybody tell me otherwise if your american

    2. @yo dad as it turns out, two of the other three participated, and were sitting on top of him too. He had three grown men putting their full weight on him for over 8 minutes. Of course he died.
      I know white people don’t get treated like this. Half of my family is white, poor, and from Minnesota… and they have never had to live a day with this kind of stuff. I’m African American, and I can tell you 100% I have dodged death at the hands of American police, once while at the park with my daughter the police put a gun *against* the side of my head and claimed I was under arrest for a robbery. At the park. With my child. Turned out the “robbery” never actually occurred. They were playing cowboy. This was in San Francisco, not Mississippi. If it can happen here, it can happen anywhere.

  11. 3rd degree murder, that’s only about 5 years in prison. They will let him
    go 2 years after, if not earlier. He deserves a bloody punishment after

    1. Dirty cops are not liked in prison. Hopefully they will Charge all officers and put them w the regular prison population. Let them see what it feels like to be bullied and powerless.

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