Pierre Poilievre defends investments in rental properties

Even has he criticizes government policies for pushing up the cost of housing, Conservative leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre is defending investments he and his wife made in rental properties that some economists say contribute to rising real estate prices.

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    1. You mean 100% of them. In Canada you can’t even run for office unless you own at least 4000 dollars in land. Old law.

    2. Because Trudeau doesn’t take questions from hostile journalist. Even then he rarely answers questions, just says off some relevant or non-relevant memorized talking point. He gets by on his looks and his name.

    1. @Ragnar Axelson LOL Sure 15m, while he has a 60 Million Dollar super yatch being worked on in the Bahamas looooooooool. wtf?

    1. There was no digging and you can be sure all party members do this, that’s why the real estate market won’t ever be fixed.

  1. I live in a coastal community where many of the properties are used as vacation properties or short term rentals, Airbnbs. Where an owner will opt to earn passive income, increase the value of the asset, and incentivize using properties in this way rather than housing a family. This makes rental housing more expensive as well the purchase of property. Renting to a family is more ethical.

  2. They are trying to find anything they can now to attack Pierre Poilievre – Shameful.
    Speaks volumes.

  3. Trudeau apparently has no investments, or are you forgetting to examine Trudeaus investments as well.

    1. Trudeau only has millions in a foundation that is probably tax exempt, but reporting on that will never happen in Canada. How much is Trudeau worth, would love to know?

    2. Who the guy with the 30mil trust fund that got fired form his teaching job for having a student write a story in the paper about girls not dressing properly?

    3. Why do conservatives always love changing the subject when your politicians are examined? I say ask all politicians and parties these questions and expose Pierre for his hypocrisy as much as the libs.

  4. Two straight answers in ten seconds, wonder if Trudeau has even done two straight answers in the last ten years?

  5. Trudeau’s response: “As we’ve said before, we’ve uh… placed emphasis on uh, our rental agreement, and uh …”

  6. Lets not talk about the previous Liberal ethics investigations and Convictions. Maybe the Canadian Public will forget.

  7. If Canadians don’t buy house as an investment property then the economy in real estate would go down the drain. Tons of real estate agents would go out of jobs!

  8. Rental in Edmonton is relatively cheap compared with other big cities, and most apartments are pet-friendly.

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