1. @Tara Jennings But they did, just not in this video, since it is not the topic of this video, and neither are covid vaccines. Please seek help if you are stuck in an echo chamber of conspiracy theories that isolates you from your family and loved ones. Best of luck!

  1. I been saying for many years and I had bad bad experience with the cops yes I was scare they break my arms and they took me to the hospital in baton rouge he hit the rail a couple time off the road and never went check I was so scare that day I was gonna die

  2. Poilievre is amazing. He needs to be out next Prime
    Minister. We need him. If he looses we are in serious trouble.

    1. He better figure out how to reach the general population or he will be joining Erin O’Toole and Andrew Scheer.

    2. Amazingly lacking in substance you mean. Long on tropes & complaints while short on facts & workable solutions, nothing but negativity catering to the lowest common denominators of public opinion.

  3. Refreshing to listen to a leader, who speaks from his mind with confidence, not off a piece of paper that someone else has written for him followed with several “ahh”s and “um”s .

    1. @LL what are you look8ng for in a solution?
      because the mess trudeau created is going to cause years of pain, regardless who the new leader is.
      the longer trudeau stays, the worse its going to get

    2. @Rob Davidson Are you kidding me??? So we’re just supposed to let anyone run the country whoever as long as they’re not Trudeau? Why vote then? Nope, sorry that’s not how democracies work. We need solid solutions for the mess we’re in. I’m not just going to blindly elect whomever, that is stupidity beyond belief

  4. One french reporter has to selfishly disrupt the interview by demanding his responses in both languages. This is Vancouver, not Ottawa.

  5. Funny why Qu would be with a PM that attacked the resource sector. Biting the hand that feeds you defies logic.

  6. Wow…they wasted all their time with him asking him why he doesn’t talk to them. Those reporters are savage.

    1. Most voters do expect their elected representatives to answer to the public via press availability. You can be popular with the base but unelectable by the rest of the voters. See if you can spot the Conservative party pattern. In Great Britain: Theresa May to Boris Johnson to Liz Truss to Rishi Sunak. In Canada: Andrew Scheer to Erin O’Toole to Pierre Poilievre.

  7. The appropriate response is “I’m here now ask me a question”. Not, am so, am not, no you are.

  8. A qualified candidate has been absent for 7 years! Pierre is the answer this country needs to get back on track.

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