1. Walmart needs to get their act together. Seriously. We want preservative free breads, and yeast free pitas baked daily. Less vegetable seed oils, less plastic in clothes (natural fibres), and better boxers.

  2. Could be really thirsty due to no clean water and they are out of bottled water too. No one can think straight while dehydrated.

    1. if they can’t think well enough to know that stealing a plane is wrong how did they think well enough to fly it for several hours?

  3. That could’ve gone so differently don’t you guys know your own history? I can’t believe I have to say lock your planes 🔒 ✈️

  4. A stolen plane. I would think trying to steal a plane would be very difficult compared to a car theft. Craziness!✌️❤️

  5. How does one try and crash into a Walmart it isn’t exactly a small target no pun intended but for real how do they know this was the intention

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