Plane Crash in Jamaica | TVJ News - February 26 2021 1

Plane Crash in Jamaica | TVJ News – February 26 2021


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  1. Just don’t understand why he need to hang his shoes on the plane. Maybe I’m missing something.

    1. The fact that so many of u cannot understand why the man is hanging his shoes on the plane shows that unnu either don’t understand Jamaican culture, or just lack basic creativity. This is clearly a man using the plane trend to promote his shoes on social media.

      Nuh jus wah day Skillibeng release a music video at the same location? That was him using the trend to promote himself. Same ting dis bredda doing.

  2. This an example of how backward a large part of jamaican society is, it is such a big deal just to see a plane that it created a economic boom just to be close to something this spectacular.
    The young man is telling the truth however we can’t ignore the level of ignorance in our society.
    The next question is, before the crash of this plane what was the community doing? And if thats all it takes is a down plane to stimulate their economy we have major problems.

    1. He make sence Just not by Standard English levels. The greatest thing is, We understood clearly 100 percent what the Young Man is relating to the news.

  3. wow are you serious first off all the plane land it no crash the moment the plane land dem damage every foot print finger every thing you can think off wa fi do dem investigation ja no normal you woul think goverment would take it up by now it turn torist attraction

  4. this is what I still can’t understand, why’s that plane still there on the crash site without any military personals, they need to move that plane to a airport, pretty soon it will be someone’s house , Lol

  5. John 14:6 King James Version
    6. Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me…

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