1. Better than crashing a plane full of jet fuel and killing everyone on board in a massive fireball. At least they didn’t empty the latrines, too.

    1. There’s this new thing called a cell phone couldn’t they have called the schools and warned them. Maybe they could have called the city. Or issued something like an amber alert to keep everybody inside.

  2. Lol
    Kid: it got in my eyes and my eye got blurred..

    Kids Attorney: No.. No.. I told you to say blind not blurred!

    1. What are you smoking? It was emergency landing. They had no choice. Better than killing everyone on board. Its common sense.

    2. @꧁T͓̽i͓̽t͓̽t͓̽y͓̽F͓̽r͓̽o͓̽s͓̽t͓̽e͓̽r͓̽M͓̽c͓̽D͓̽r͓̽a͓̽m͓̽a͓̽꧂
      they could use this new technology called the cell phone to warn the school’s below and the city .They were in contact with the air traffic controllers and anybody could have done some sort of emergency system broadcast .
      They could have even use the Amber alert system in this special situation.

  3. Lucky it wasnt me i would have fell on the ground and started convulsing and foaming of the mouth until we settled out of court

    1. What about if that plane falls down and kill all people in and out within that school,think twice though your stupid

  4. cNN Tomorrow: “Trump recklessly dumps jet fuel directly above innocent crying toddlers  & he must be impeached forever”

    1. S Medrano no you ding bat. The pilot did what he/she needed to do to keep the lives of his/her passengers safe as well as the civilians on the ground by not literally crashing and burning. It’s a split decision.

      But you fucken idiots don’t understand that. You want the pilot to radio the tower, then have the tower call each school within a 20-40 mile radius, have all the faculty try to round up the kids and rush them inside. While the plane could have a major malfunction during that time and legitimately crash into the side of a building or into houses. THiNk WiTh YoUr FuCkEn BrAiN…

  5. CNN: plane dumps jet fuel on children.
    Plane: When you gotta go you gotta go.
    Pilot: it was the plane!
    Plane: snitches..

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