Planes, trains, busses lift mask mandates and travel restrictions | USA TODAY

Planes, trains, busses lift mask mandates and travel restrictions | USA TODAY 1


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  2. Yay ! I fly in a month and I hate wearing a mask. Triple vaxed too. This will be Huge for airline stocks! Buy buy buy!

    1. @Daphne English Yes, I intend to. Its just they are so uncomfortable. I’ll get a window seat too. I feel we are coming out of the pandemic and the only reason covid is still around is those that chose not to get vaccinated. I personally know 6 people who lost their lives due to denying covid ever really existed.

    2. @Lobster Mania I had different family members pass away as well unfortunately. My Aunt passed before the vaccine was available. She had underlying health problems. I had 2 cousins pass away who opted not to receive it. 😔

      You can only encourage your family and friends. My husband used to get annoyed with me as it seemed I was always encouraging family or friends to get it. He was like leave them alone and let them make their own decision. I felt such an urgency in my spirit to inform them on things they may not have been privy too. I know not everyone watches the news and a lot of people are misinformed.

      I appreciate you not being upset with me for my previous comment. I’ve had so many people become upset and they name call.😳

      It is never my intention to offend anyone.🙏🏾😊

    3. @Daphne English I believe you acting and telling people be a cautious as they can is very nice of you. I’m very excited about traveling in the future now and getting this behind us. Have a wonderful day , it’s blessing in itself to know nice people like you are out there

  3. I hope masks are optional on Alaska Airlines for my nonstop six hour flight from Newark to Los Angeles next October.

  4. Dislike. I guess this is good news if you are an obedient slave. Your master giveth and your master taketh away.

  5. I was all for masks at the start, but as the data came through and showed them to be ineffective – there didn’t seem any point in forcing people to wear them.

  6. This scares me i got sick when someone coughed on me,got hella messed up, they need to keep it on,this covid aint going no where.

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