Planet of the Humans faces calls to be banned 1

Planet of the Humans faces calls to be banned


– Planet of the Humans is produced by Michael Moore and it challenges some of the accepted ideas about renewable energy. Some environmentalists want it banned
– Tik Tok passes 2 billion downloads
– First look at the NASA’s ‘Ingenuity’ helicopter
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  1. Did Michael Moore get played by fossil fuel cons in #PlanetOfTheHumans?

    Or is Michael Moore trying to con the planet of the humans for fossil fuel?

    My problem is : Who benefits from #PlanetoftheHumans?

    Big oil and nuclear.

    Plus the military industrial complex in pushing depopulation and eco fascism.

    Are we supposed to trust them now after decades of lies and disinformation?

    1. Its pushing depopulation like so many others. It’s trying to desensitive us to the thought that less people is a good thing. Whether the idea triggers people to simply take the path of no children or some form of forced infertility we will wait and see.

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