Planned Parenthood Pres.: Texas Abortion Law Incentivizes Monitoring Women For ‘Bounties’ 1

Planned Parenthood Pres.: Texas Abortion Law Incentivizes Monitoring Women For ‘Bounties’


A new Texas abortion law effectively deputizes citizens as bounty hunters for its enforcement, as anyone under this statute can now sue parties who assist women seeking abortions, earning $10,000 if the lawsuit is successful. Alexis McGill Johnson, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood, joins Joy Reid on the lawsuit filed to block this law by her organization among others.

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  1. And after the baby is born the anti choice people stop caring about the baby especially if they are non white babies.

    1. @Solstice of SnowGo ahead and explain your reasoning (and underlying assumptions) re the alleged irony.
      p.s. It’s welfare, not “wealthfare”. “Then” is sequential; “than” is comparative. And cite your source if you’re going to use widely unaccepted, incorrect statistics.

    2. @Justine Adlong something like 70% of planned parenthood sites are in minority neighbourhoods which is what the founder a white supremacist designed the system herself in order to stop black babies from being born

    1. @Sam Lowry Checked, tryed, and iy does not state anywhere that it is to be supported. Infact, according to the lines, it is described mostly as a vile process after the resualt of a common sin.

    2. @Solstice of Snow It is clearly stated it is the process that a women must undergo if a man suspects her. Sorry that you cannot accept what is written in scripture – which according to some is the literal word of their god.
      And like slavery it is condoned by your bible – deal with it.

  2. The party who screams that government should not be involved in American’s medical decisions (by asking for people to get vaccines) is the same party that says the government should be involved in Americans medical decisions (to have an abortion). REPUBLICANS pick a lane…

    1. @stephanie anderson It’s only murder in your mind. Keep your judgemental morals out of someone else’s health care. Oh and there really religious people who would call you a harlot for your makeup interests.

    2. @Nils Kangas IMO, I do not agree with abortion and that is my right too choose what I agree and do not agree with, just as you have a right to choose what you agree and don’t agree with. However, I will not tell someone they can’t do this or that simple because I don’t agree. And I’ll respect your opinion/s whether you respect mine or not. We should ALL be allowed to make our own decisions, morals and beliefs ect… without someone telling us how we should or shouldn’t think or live our lives. There are billions of people on this Earth and no single one person will be 100% in agreement with another, ever, because everyone has their own thoughts and feelings, but that’s the beauty of being human and living in a free country, so diverse with millions of different ideas, lives and so on and so forth. Also, notice I didn’t say they are forcing, but “trying” to force. And it is not comparable to having a driver’s license, but comparable to the topic of abortions……my body, my choice right? You shouldn’t worry about what others do or don’t do with their bodies, you have no right to control that, just as we have no right to control if people do or don’t get an abortion. If you have had the vaccine, then you have no need to worry. I watch and read from multiple news sites/media and I hear and see what is going on with the vaccine. I have seen and read hundreds of stories of some people dying, teens developing heart problems…specifically boys, cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome, blood clots, and other medical conditions caused by the vaccine. Technically, it is an experimental vaccine. Just like the vaccines that are available now before covid, once were. They tested and tweaked them to be safer and it took a few years for each vaccine just like it will covid. So I’ll take my chance and wait till about 5 years to decide whether it’s safe for me and my family to get it or not. Also, with Biden sending people door to door, businesses mandating the vaccine or you can’t work there and even some people on capital hill trying to mandate it for all. So yes they are TRYING to force everyone to get the vaccine. Go to any search engine and search mandating vaccine. God bless and have a nice day and remember we are all our own person and different in every single way 🙂

  3. Aren’t they worried about expanding the black and brown population here? Doesn’t this help with replacement theory

    1. @MorpheusΩne Why do you insist that the life of something identical to you does not matter when it is life regardless?

    2. @Solstice: Because, liar, it is not identical to me or any other form of life that does matter. And it is not identical in those most basic of ways, only one of them being of any significant importance; genetically and cognitively.

      File this under ” *Duh!* “; put it in the `” *Duh!* ” File`!

      You’re welcome!

    3. @Solstice of Snow A fetus is just a mass of cells and I am just a mass of cells, correct, but am I using another person’s body without their consent to sustain my life? Am I violating an individual’s bodily autonomy? No. Is a fetus? Yes.

      One of these things is not like the other.

  4. What a diabolical plan. What kind of person comes up with this sh**, encourages it with public funds, then sits back and gloats with power? Sick! And again women pay. SMH.

    1. As a Californian, I support funding travel for women to get out of Texas if they have to, if only temporarily.

    1. @Kathleen hammett we must not forget that Democrats are the party of the KKK and Jim crow. They locked up Japanese Americans also. The Democrat party has been responsible for EVERY atrocity in America for the last 170 years.

    2. @Larry Garland I’m SO glad! Under Trump, we would have brown shirts marching in the streets, destroying businesses.

    3. @Larry Garland Don’t be ridiculous!! Learn your history dear and stop using the Republicans talking points bc it just makes you look uneducated & a fool. Was Bush a Democrat whenvhe ignored warnings about imminent terrorist attacks prior to 9/11 when 3000+ Americans were killed. When he lied about WMD in Iraq which sent 100s of troops to their deaths ,killed millions of Iraqi civilians & caused the rise of ISIS. Was trump a Democrat when he purposely lied about, played down & ignored a virus that cost 621,000 Americans their lives ..

    4. @Larry Garland The Republicans are pushing for these “pro – life” laws , it has nothing to do with Biden or the Democrats. Now naff off back to Newsmax dear, us educated people are trying to have a conversation here..

  5. Boy they sure love telling people what to do but we couldn’t ask them to wear a mask? I’m exhausted of this conservative bull crap!

    1. You can always leave or move to south side Chicago. See how long your whiteness allows you to complain.

    1. You sound like the guys over at the CCP to figure out how to deal with overcrowding in China.

  6. For those who think they are following some religious ideology you could ask them to read their own book.
    It is littered with commandments to murder – and brutally murder, children and women.
    And also
    Numbers 5:11-31

    1. Hand Maid’s tale is a fear mongering plot that assumes that women in a society would just become what they are in the show if people don’t activley support the termination of the unborn.

  7. I would have preferred a law that allowes citizens to sue those that park in the handicap parking spots without an approved tag. At $10,000 a pop, I would be a millionaire after 7 days.

  8. Texas thinks it has found the perfect job for all the ‘Karens’ who storm retail stores and airline flights to spew their anti-masker venom. Provide them will a new target to occupy their afternoons with … hunting down abortion seekers.

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