1. @spidey677 People assume because he has money and power that he can get away with murder…the powers that be want Trump gone (right and left) …we had a very corrupt governor here in Louisiana years ago. One day the FBI came to his house years after he was out of office and arrested him for crimes committed while in office. Everyone was shocked because he was so powerful. Edwin Edwards was convicted and went to prison. When he got out, he did a brief reality show and then died. Trump won’t live that long. It will happen when the investigators are ready to charge him..maybe tomorrow or a year from now.

    2. @Sniffy Biden Bidebpn has lost his first wife and daughter in a car accident, then he’s son in 2015, to cancer. Yes he has admitted that his emotional loses are hard to comprehend and stopped . If that in your mind has some significant, maybe check your own mortality. His odd behavior a few years ago pales in the light of the perversions of Trump with his trips to his buddiy, Jeffrey Epstiens retreat to “pleasure Island ” were under age girls were on the menu at all times. Geat real.

    1. @Deborah Holt, and not just a turtle, a post turtle. I’ll never understand those who put him there or how he manages to stay there.

    2. @SourDoughBill
      The turtle cheats. Because Kentucky voters don’t like him one bit. They vowed to vote him out but you know how southern elections go…they cheat!

  1. McConnell’s flip flopping gives me whiplash. If he believed any of what he said, he would have voted to convict.

    1. @Trey Black of course the republicans turned this into a farce (again), but the pending criminal charges will not be a farce…there will be no jury in his pocket in GA, NY, or DC—whoever gets first dibs on him.

    2. @Augie Rockero A historical two time impeachment fail! This is your legacy! A farce defeated twice! This is what I taught my kids in school!

    3. @Trey Black I guess that’s one way to look at it…….if you’re inbred Trumpanzee who like yourself…the history books that your kids will read in school will record that a twice impeached Putin compromised racist superspreader in Chief incited an insurrection of his own country and created a cult to maintain control of the Republican Party. It will also record that he will be the first ex-president to go to prison.

  2. Well at least we know where Republicans stand.
    They had a choice between Trump and democracy and they happily went with insurection.

    1. Try for a treble impeachment,
      It will fail again and give the world more laughs watching America stumbling over themselves like kids in a play ground.

    2. @James Cooper we arent laughing. Not even at comments as stupid as these. Pity and disgust. Pity for Americans. Disgust for the asshats who believe they’re “patriots” tearing the country to pieces armed with “alternative facts” that make you look more stupid than anyone could of believed. Just gross.

    1. He has all the principles of a southern white slave owner. He’s bitter he lives in a time with economic and racial equality, but he’s working against that daily.

    1. I have a question. If Trump’s lawyer didn’t mention how the seats of the senators would be up soon, do you think there would be more guilty votes? It was odd for him to mention their seats right before they voted.

  3. Okay, who really thought they would suddenly get balls and turn on Chump? Not me. We need to start with the 14th amendment. F T*ump!

    1. America must shout out to McConnell to resign.
      His issue on nonjurisdiction and unconstitutionality has been clearly discussed by the house managers and was voted approved by the majority at the start of the impeachment proceedings.

      He was clearly NOT LISTENING OR DECIDED NOT TO UNDERSTAND just like Trump lawyers who have been iver and over again mentioning this irrelevant issue. They and even the 43 senators REFUSED TO UNDERSTAND.
      Even common American or nonlawyers or anyone who didnot finish college if have listened to the presentations of the house managers will understand. NOT UNLESS they chose to be stupid.
      Those who acquit Trump WERE A DISGRACE TO AMERICA, they must live in the Philippines and embrace Duterte.

    2. ​@jeremy sans3lm Learn to read, dullard. Only a current president, vice-president or any civil officer holder can be impeached AND removed. Unless, of course, you are admitting Trump is still the legitimate president.

    1. @Angel Harton yeah sure the guys defending the first amendment are stupid. Did you ever watch the trial or at least the closing arguments???? I don’t think so otherwise you would know the incompetent job they did at presenting the case against Trump. Fake evidence that had to be withdraw. No following of the article norms to present impeachment, double standard and no mention of any constitutional right during their argument.

  4. Made me sick when he said he hasn’t gotten away with anything-yet. Because he is right the senate just gave him the opportunity to “get away “ with even more democracy destroying behavior since the senate voted to acquit feb 14 2021 I said it here-give trump another chance to incite killers and he may succeed he won’t stop trying he doesn’t care who is killed and loves attention and power

    1. @Carmelo Quijano So Dems are angels obv… no cheating, no lies, no corruption, no incitment during last summer, no nothing. If Trump lost why are they angry … I heard not guilty at the end – he will be able to run again.

    2. Leave the Republicans to Trump he’s destroying everything they stand for .plus he took the hoods off their faces so we can see them for who and what they’re,🌍

  5. So McConnell refused to accept the articles of impeachment, then said Trump isn’t guilty because the articles weren’t received in time. *What a vile, treacherous thing to do the American people.*

  6. Del Plaskett May God Bless you n the other rep for trying to expose what has been going on for years. The American ppl see what is happening.

  7. Seems like he got away with a lot of things😕 give me a break. Mitch Mcconnell is just as guilty as Donald Trump.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  8. How can you vote for a republican after this? They publicly just spat in every one of their voters faces and called them stupid.

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