Plaskett On The GOP Dragging Jan. 6th Investigation Into Next Election 1

Plaskett On The GOP Dragging Jan. 6th Investigation Into Next Election

Rep. Stacey Plaskett, former impeachment manager, weighs in on the investigations into January 6th and the work that the select committee has ahead of them, given the opposition from Republican leadership. “We will do what’s necessary…to be good stewards of Congress,” says Plaskett. The House’s record on subpoena fights have been successful in the recent past, so she believes that if necessary, they will be this time as well, no matter how long that takes.

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  1. Oh, if he tries to appoint clowns, just say no. Tell him to try again, if he tries to drag his feet, move on. If people refuse the supenas, arrest them. Forget the courts, arrest them. Get some balls democrats.

    1. My understanding is, Pelosi has reserved the right to veto anyone.
      Things change quickly so, I could be wrong at this point in time.

    2. @Richard Darlington I think it stands. Republicans didn’t get any voice because they didn’t want it. So Pelosi set it up. They are waiting for McCarthy to name his picks. Got Liz Cheney on the board by Pelosi.

  2. Nancy, give Kevin a Deadline. When He wants his kooks on the Committee, deny him his choice. The Investigation is important! The Republicans staged and supported the Insurrectionist.

    1. @OrcaBob 4337 Their orange Fascist, the one who called them there, told them to leave, genius. But only after hours of attacks on Capitol Police, and a FAILED attempt at a coup.

    2. @Sarah F. 4.2 Btw, They succeeded enough if they made it inside. Had they gotten more aggressive, they would have occupied it with more casualties.

      Why is this such a hard subject to comprehend? Why do you treat it like such a taboo to question?

    3. @NoChance WithoutPasta I’m aware that he told them to leave. But the maneuver only makes sense as a flex. It literally could have been a lot worse.

      And dude, don’t be a pos. People like you don’t make the world a better place.

  3. Plaskett is incredible. If every rep was as intelligent, knowledgeable and fearless as her, we would truly have a great country again.

    1. Seeing and hearing Plaskett doesn’t make me nauseous like most Rs and FauxNews hosts do so my gut instinct and brain make me trust her

    2. Isn’t it amazing when someone isn’t owned by “dark money” and doesn’t care about their own interests rather than America’s?

    3. She’s brilliant. Too bad she can’t participate in floor votes. She’d be a much needed counterbalance to a Manchin to or a Sinema.

    1. I always feel like I’m giving up more with a blue lie… Can any of you explain that without being hostile?

    1. @scroteamaton
      Those former slave owner Democrats are today the equivalent of members of the TrumpRepubliKKKon Party. Would you mind proving me wrong?

    2. @Pierro Jules IN the 1960’s because LBJ continued with JFK’s civil rights act the Southern Democrats switched sides in protest…Look it up!

    3. @Antifa Are The Real Patriots! yes I can’t believe they’re so stupid that they don’t know that … even though they’re weren’t born yet … but I was

    1. @MDM8998 The reasoning to have them not face elections so justice doesn’t play politics is sound, but I’m with you that lifetime appointment is absolutely not a solution. Unelected lifetime appointed leaders are called dictators

    2. @jim bob Do you mean like how Conservative Judges keep interfering with voter rights because it benefits the Conservatives? Is that the kind of impartiality you mean? When a Judge is appointed by political parties they serve those interests before the law and the Constitution. Where in the Constitution does it say someone should have a Glock and an AR-15? When did John Doe become a “well regulated militia”? “Well regulated” how?

    3. @Brad Canning When you have crooks and a party of treason appointing judges there is no term limit that will fix that, but electing judges wouldn’t fix it either. Some would elect Sarah Palin and bushes and trumps to be judges

      The problems we face now can only be fixed by having a better educated and informed electorate voting wisely. Democracy requires an informed and educated voters making wise and well informed decisions, much has to change to make that possible here. No expense has been spared to cripple our democracy.

    4. @jim bob There are so many flaws built into a country that views a document written hundreds of years ago to solve today’s problems. The Constitution is viewed in a warped self serving manner. But when you allow your government to be purchased by corporation what can you expect. America looks headed to follow every other “great nation” into self destruction.

  4. WHEN are we going to end the filllibuster?! It needs to happen. Who cares what the Republicans think about it anymore. They wouldn’t take Democrats into consideration for any choice they make. I mean McConnell has out right said he will block everything this administration tries to pass.

    1. @scroteamaton We already got the Demented Fascist out of power.

      Biden is far more mentally competent, and literally the entire planet can see that.

      Fox is LYING to you, Chud. Trump can barely spew a sentence without slurring. His brain is mush.

  5. They can’t! Like Adam Kinzinger said the other day, “I believe members knew this insurrection was going to happen before it did happen…”
    They will be brought to light if this moves forward..

    1. Of course they did. Cowards like the proud boys and oath keepers only came because they were told the police riot squads and National Guard would be stood down giving them little opposition. You are right, it will be exposed through subpoena.

    2. @Brad Canning Do you know anything about the Oath Keepers? Who they are and what they stand for?

  6. If anyone thinks McCarthy is going to place a reputable person from the REPUBLIKLAN party on this committee then I’ve got some beachfront property to sell you in Siberia

  7. Garland has the power to investigate who in congress, and who incited the insurrection. The 500+ foot soldiers are small fry.

    1. @Long Castle he is getting the small fish to get the big fish … we don’t wanna rush this … We want a bulletproof case… to make sure he goes to jail

    1. Yeah, just like Eric Holder when he wouldn’t cooperate with subpoenas trying to find out about the felonies he committed in Fast and Furious.

      I’d go BWAHAHA, etc., but the true scope and scale of DOJ corruption is too depressing to laugh at.

      I actually do wonder how the numerous criminals and traitors at the DOJ manage to live with themselves, but I guess the committed sociopath is immune to twinges of conscience.

    2. @scroteamaton The entire system is badly broken and needs weeding out of the corrupt p l o t I t I a n s. Never thought I’d see the day of such undeserving people who DON’T need to be in office. And look up agenda 2030 – 2050, that says it all and what the GOP has planned for us working class people. ABHORRENT and unbelievable to. Peace and love is the answer.

  8. Have you heard that Putin sent Trump a jar of hummus for his birthday?
    It’s made of Russian chick pea.

    1. Yep Nancy pelosi she’s responsible for security she was warned and knew it was going to happen Trump offered national guard troops to reinforce capital city police and pelosi capital city police in the mayor of DC said no left one side of the capital open with no resistance open the doors for quote unquote rioters to come inside it was a trap and some Republican fools fell for it

    1. Yes. What about that? Those two are traitors to the democratic party. In bed with Exxon. Somebody do something about them. They’re in the way of a fair well intentioned democratic process.

    2. Manchin and Sinema are Great Americans and our last hope to stop Biden and AOC’s push towards Communism and Socialism and Marxism….

    1. @Coco Crisp Stop F’in Lying coz that’s not True.. Too much Lying from him is making your country look like a Joke. It’s so Embarrassing and Shameful..!!

    2. @Bling 22 – I think he was joking bc Trump and other republicans in the Russia caucus tried to blame the insurrection on Antifa, Trump did in a phone call w/the house minority when he called Trump during the insurrection pleading for Trump to send the national guard. McCarthy told Trump they weren’t Antifa, they were Trump supporters. A little bit later, Trump posted to Twitter telling them to go, that he loved them, and that they were very special.

    3. It’s like right-wing republicans got there talking points from Putin as he’s saying the same thing.

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