1. Its just so sad that a lot of these soldiers DIDNT want this, yet when influenced by your comrades they will do horrible things to the people they invade.
    They didnt want to do this? Then what possessed them to Pillage, Rape and Burn villages as part of this invasion?
    I’ll tell you why, because they got greedy, horny and a few have a thirst for blood. No sane person grabs a sniper, sits in one spot and picks off innocent humans.
    When monsters go unchecked (especially in the military) they will do horrible things.

    Just like pedophiles and serial killers live among us, they also are part of armed forces. Without proper leadership these people are given power they abuse, a gun and a country at their “will”
    This isnt ‘just’ Putin, its all the commanding officers in this war. Even those who abandoned their units and left them stranded to fend for themselves.

    These arent just war crimes, this is showing us the dark side of humanity. We’d only hear this stuff in books about vikings, now its in our faces.
    What will you do?

    1. @laboomerang I understand.. I’m just not convinced yet that reprisals against civilians are organized on a high level, although I might change my mind on this as more news comes in. I’m also not convinced all or even most russian soldiers are in on it.

      To me it does make sense that russian units are getting frustrated and don’t have enough direction and then some units will get involved in committing atrocities.

      Whatever it is, unfortunately it means the situation might even become worse for ukrainians and more atrocities follow..

    2. @laboomerang I also must add, that of course I know the Russians have a terrible track record with regards to treating civilians, for instance on the road to Berlin in WW2 as one example.

  2. You cannot use reason to talk someone out of something, that they did NOT use reason to build thier opinions…😎👌

    1. @TMA1 The Autocratic argument in the ideologic battles seems to be efficiency. According to them Autocracies have the speed and the ability to Unite the entire country’s resources without having to convince them, like in democracies. Take Covid mandates, Climate Change, Or war for example. In democracies you’d have to convince the population first before an action can be expected, look at the anti vaxers in America and look at how China dealt with their anti vaxers. Look at the approach and speed the Chinese had with building eco projects vs the west, where they needed a generation that would follow through with green policies, through thorough convincing through characters like greta Thunberg, while china only needed the leader’s orders. Look at how war is conducted in Democracies, where the cause needs to be justified, compared to dictatorships like Adolf’s where you only needed Conscription, and orders to the nations finest engineers and scientists like Ferdinand porsche, BMW, Mercedes benz, Daimler, Krupp, Junkers, Messerchmitt, MAN, Rheinmettal, Walter, Hugo Boss, Hugo Schmiser, Werner Von Brawn, and etc etc.

      TLDR: Basically, the argument for people that believe in the Autocratic system, is that its MUCH riskier, but also much faster and much more effective with the proper leader, which could be gained with an effective system that is not based on hereditary or influence but efficiency. A politician in China is picked from the state leaders, the one who can perform the best, wins the party leadership for a period.

    2. @Rin I understand the meanings we are talking about. If you make a ‘fact’ in your head based on BS, then you are starting confused, there is a faulty system then an erroneous conclusion. If you consider epistemological patterns of how the facts were understood, how they form, then you are doing a lot. Then you have a chance. Epistemology, then sort through the BS!

  3. The Russian army was not invited into the sovereign borders of Ukraine. No matter the discord, the Russian army should not pass the Ukrainian border and use violence. Furthermore, the presence of Russian population in Ukraine does not make the territory part of Russia. Invading sovereign countries should be things of the past. And when you look back at military leaders who invaded other countries, they had the balls to call it a war and take full responsibility for their belligerent actions. Above all, those who are able to see past the opaque clouds of propaganda, see two men: Vladimir Putin and Yury Kovalchuk sitting together in front of the lake in Solovyovka, just like in the Ozero days, discussing how they no longer care about making more money and how the only important factor is to restore Russian greatness. We all, including the great people of Russia evolved into the 21st century and do not look back into USSR nostalgia but rather into new technologies, freedom, cooperation and things of the future. Russia has so much potential beyond oil and commodities. Where is the leader that can lead Russia into the future rather than into the past?

    1. @ЭЮЯ actually it is your opinion, since you’re twisting what she said when this was first publicly mentioned (the fact it is public is a good clue there is no conspiracy). She said since 1991 USA has invested $5billion in Ukraine and within that, part of the money was spent on improving democracy (the function of running elections) and the operation of institutions (trying to reduce corruption). In her speech at the National press Club she specifically says “and other things”, and when we look into it she has included energy investments and confessional loans.
      Its very clearly *not* $5 billion for Maidan.

      This kind of investment happens elsewhere, for example Australia and Germany gave money and assistance to China to improve transparency and institutions, doesn’t mean Germany trying to remove Jiangzemin (leader at the time).

      In Victoria Nulands address to the press club she also very clearly says she has met with Yanukovych and the maidan leaders, and suggests there is a way forward for him to stay in power and meet needs of the people by following the original path of economic partnership with EU instead of failing state Russia.

      Furthermore, there wasn’t a coup in Ukraine as the change of government was achieved through the parliament and changing allegiances of his supporters and party members.
      He himself decided to leave into self-exile, mainly because he had been super corrupt, and was worried about this coming to light later and maybe going to jail.

    2. @NAVIN kumar WHO Created the Talibans!! USSR invaded a Peaceful, democratic country, Afghanistan in 1979. It was the United states which helped the Afghanis kick the Russians( USSR) out of their country though hardening them into religious zealots which then kicked NATO out. Though the USA had a legitimate reason to attack – the Talibans harbored the terrorist went all the way to the US to bomb their buildings!! What was India’s response after Pakistanis came in Mumbai?

  4. Their decision or not it is obvious that there are many that have resorted to barbaric acts.. their families should be ashamed.

    1. Putin say hello to Saddam when you meet him.
      We will have Victory and then…….. we will prepare you for your destiny.

    2. @B. Hindert Putin say hello to Saddam when you meet him.
      We will have Victory and then…….. we will prepare you for your destiny.

    1. dontstandsoclose: It is essential to understand what the older generation of Russians went through during the Cold War and the massive differences in culture, mindset, and the world in which they live. It is VERY difficult (_if not impossible_) for American’s to understand what it’s like to be raised your whole life in a world where free speech is not normal, and where you are exposed to.a limited amount of information. You know what you know and that’s it. Especially when the government keeps a tight grip on the world they create for you. If you are not exposed to different perspectives that are normalized, you don’t have other ways of thinking that are possibilities. Don’t blame them. *It’s not what’s wrong with you. It’s what happened to you.* If you had been raised in their shoes with only what they’ve been exposed to—you may very well see the world in the same way. Have compassion. And try to make the world a better place by leading by example, not by being judgemental. The same could be said about Trump supporters. The only thing you can do is speak the truth of reality to them or let them go until they are ready to listen to you.

  5. Its Disgusting to see Mothers who supports War. Bringging your Child and raising him up just to send him to his demise. Those mothers weren’t be the one bleeding or exploding into pieces.

    1. 18,600 just teenage boys snatched out of school with no training or knowledge about what was happenening. 10, and 20 thousand every day. Just killed for nothing!

    2. @FezFindie aye here in the UK wives/family of killed serviceman felt the same after Afghanistan was abandoned to the Taliban.

  6. When she said she was heart broken 💔 I feel for her. My mom still thinks Trump is still secretly President and a bunch of dead people are actually alive. I have to look in her eyes when she tells me this stuff and when I try to use logic and facts she says its fake. ;-( I feel like I lost my mom.

    1. @Superkoopatrooper, wow, we share similarities. I’m sure that it’s more common than we realize which is so sad. I don’t associate with any of my relatives, for they are toxic. They messed me up mentally and emotionally while growing up and, into adulthood. They are abusive including physically and sexually. I had no one to protect me, to nurture me, to love me. They affected me greatly. Since I was 30 years old (turning 52 on the 25th), when I had to choose between living or taking my life (I was highly suicidal), when I decided to take responsibility for my health and well being and happiness, I’ve avoided anyone toxic. I now love myself, nurture myself and protect myself. If one is toxic I steer clear of them. Toxic people aren’t aloud in my happy bubble of life.🙂

      I hope that you love yourself. I hope that you’ve realized that you were born of love from our Creator and, that you are a child of love. I hope that you know that you deserve love and happiness.

      Love and light.🤗💞

  7. As a Russian Australian I can hear the pain of Marat and Anna. Half of my family and friends back in Russia were backing this up when it started. I hope that at least some of them changed their minds ever since… the other anti war half lives in horror of having to share their lives with war-mongering fellow Russians… I feel like my country died on the 24th of February…

    1. Thank you Safiya, I can sense a feeling of collective grief from Russian expatriates around the world. Although my wife and her family have been through hell through this war I’m grateful that they are ok and she and mama will be flying to Australia on Saturday.
      2 weeks before the war we started looking at buying an apartment in the Irpin area, I was to sell my home and move there at the end of the year.
      It’s very hard but I remind myself that there are good, decent, caring and loving Russians out there.

    2. @Croupier The I hope your family has a place to stay here in Australia..
      If there is anyway we can help..
      We move in a week and will be enlisting with the Australian government to help accommodate Ukrainian people

    3. @Oli B thanks for you offer of support, it’s been pretty rough, mum lost her house in Lismore flood so is also staying with me but we make do, so glad I live on the hill in Wollongbar, you can find my house it’s the only one flying the Ukrainian flag on the front door. Can’t wait to hug them, have shed to many tears.

    4. @Croupier The ohhh I am so sorry..so difficult in so many ways..
      Bet it will be bear hugs..
      Awww good on you..I am wearing a lot of blue and yellow..
      You have prompted me I looked it all up..contacting the Ukrainian association tomorrow, true to my word I will do whatever I can…and I am.sorry I misread your post I think..either way if you are ever in Tassie , always welcome ..

  8. The most devastating thing is how the Russian soldiers are committing such awful atrocities; but, the most mind-boggling thing is seeing a how the whole Russian nation is so thoroughly brainwashed. It’s weird.

  9. This can happen, it takes one convincing liar, that is Putin..

    “A CEO who misleads others in public may eventually mislead himself in private.” Warren Buffett

    Regardless what you think of the man, the statement stands and applies to all roles of leadership, or authority, and influence.

    1. Freyja Wired: It’s not just that he is “convincing”. It is that he is in POWER. *Power Over* the media. *Power Over* the message. *Power Over* the citizens of Russia by way of force and imprisonment.

  10. My Russian friend here in the USA cries everyday. Her family at first didn’t believe her, but since she started showing them the truth, they now believe her. They talk through codes and since Putin ordered 3 of her family members to rejoin the army, they are desperate. She said her family don’t mentioned nothing about the war even to their neighbors, afraid of them to report them.🙏🥺🙏

    1. @Vladislav Doroshuk should be no part of your story makes any sense to be more grammatically correct. But your English is a lot better than my Russian.

  11. In Greece we even had a publicly known lawyer “Alexis Kougias” former owner of a football club “AEK FC’ smearing the very US Ambassador Jeffrey Paiyat publicly on social media a month ago of ” intervening too much in Greek affairs”. The lawyer recently covered the defence possition on a case of stubbing and killing the son of a an ex military. He was likely covering the Russian identities of the real purpetrators members of “PAOK FC” owned by “Ivan Savvidis” a known mobster and Putin’s close sssociate also a former member of Russian parliament representative from the Rostov region. Conclusion: The Russian Mafia thinks they are all powerfull.

  12. They might not have wanted to go fight, but they went. They might not have wanted to turn into war criminals, but they did. At some point each person needs to make their own decision, regardless of consequences and regardless of fear.

    1. But isn’t there a LAW that you have to go? Conscription. SO the DEAR LEADER is responsible for their actions!! How dare he went into a Sovereign nation, destroyed peoples’ lives!!

    2. they were forced into war unless if they refused firing squad awaits them so better go in war and wait for your luck to come back alive.

    3. @bullet Tens of thousands of young Russian men have already left Russia for Georgia, Turkey, and Finland.

  13. If my close family who knew me best refused to believe what I am telling them, I would tell just tell them how devastated I am that they think Im a liar and politely tell them your no longer my family, this is the last time you will ever hear from me again and I hope in the months and years to come, once this is over and you get to see and hear what was really going on, you will spend every day for the rest of your life knowing I was telling the truth and you refused to believe me, and you will have no way of trying to make amends and will die with that on your conscience.

    1. It takes great courage to break away from your family but you are absolutely correct – there is a limit we can tolerate different opinions and this is one of those cases

    2. It’s not that easy to break away from your family you know. And realizing that this may be the last time you ever talk to your mother for example is a tough one.

    3. It is such a terrible betrayal by their own families. As the song goes, it appears Russians actually do not love their children, too. Damn shame.

  14. I truly think some Russian citizens are afraid to talk over the phone knowing the government is constantly monitoring them… It’s not a matter of believing what is going on, it’s a matter of survival

    1. @Tsar Peter I stop moving the goalpost ,and you get out there and exact some violence on the bad guys. They’re in every country

  15. It is also a case that some people in Russia will not feel able to talk freely, if at all, on a phone call with the USA. You never know who is listening, or what the consequences of an frank conversation might be. If I was in Russia at the moment, I would not want an American relative getting involved either. Not because I believe in the invasion, but I believe in the safety of my own family, and the long arm (and big ears) of the FSB.

  16. This is a reminder why we should support freedom of speech even if we don’t like what someone is saying or their influence. Stop all form of speech suppression.

  17. My father and his family had this problem during WWII. It is never easy to come to the realization that some of your family are on the wrong side of History. People are human and they can be fooled. Look up cognitive dissidence and it will help you find the answer. They have invested a great deal of their life in that country and it’s hard to let go of what their internal image was. This is the same thing that causes some women to stay in a bad marriage

    1. I understand Russia has a population around 142-3 million , so so many people could be this dissident? That is remarkable. Certainly not an achievement…

  18. On March 27, the first time I asked my mother in law (She’s a Russian in Russia) what people are saying, she said /believes that Russia is has received humanitarian aid /help from all over the world and that the help was then sent to the Ukrainians. (as in poor them being destroyed by Nazis I guess) Also believes Russia is not the aggressor, that the objective is demilitarizing Ukraine, destruction of neo-Nazism, and peaceful life for the Donbass region. Also believes Ukraine destroyed Mariupol, then Russia retook Mariupol and provided aid to people. Also said there are negotiations going on between Ukraine and Russia in Turkey. She closed with “we are based in common sense”. Did not see that coming.

  19. An old saying, ” a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still”, sad but true…

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