1. The world is with you Ukrainians. Maybe some can’t be there physically, but many of us are with you in spirit. We will keep in our knees for the brave warriors of Ukraine 🇺🇦 Keep being strong. 💪

    1. @Jay Will
      You lie for Putin!
      And you will suffer his spiritual fate since your loyalty to his lie is evident in your comment’s conviction!
      If Putin lives through this, he and his military who carried out his orders to kill innocent children and their families by bombing Ukrainian Children’s Hospitals, in their homes, their Daycare Center and as they walked to safety they were killed during Putin’s ceasefire because that was intention when he told them he would let them walk to their safety from the war!
      And as soon as these families were walking he ordered his military to kill the innocent as punishment for standing strong for their freedom and their 🇺🇦Ukraine!

      Putin kills his own people everyday for disagreeing and protesting against him! What makes anyone think he wouldn’t kill innocent Ukrainians for standing strong for their country’s freedom?!

  2. This is brutally horrible,a country who just wants freedom for its self and it’s people.
    And Its shockingly sad ,that another person or people wants to rob it from them,and make them into shadows of them glorious self.
    Glory to Ukraine.
    Slava Ukraine
    Tears for all these people who being hurt and killed, this is a crime against humanity.
    Slava mayor

    1. @J Whippet Did NATO go into any conflicts unprovoked? No they did not. They went in to stop genocide or aggression of one people against another. Russia went into the democratic country of Ukraine unprovoked with the sole purpose of dissolving their sovereignty and absorbing the country to make it part of Russia. If Putin was not hell bent on stealing lands from sovereign countries like Georgia and Ukraine then he wouldn’t have to worry about any response from NATO. Unfortunately his maniacal aspirations have led to his miscalculation that NATO would do nothing about the invasion like in 2008 when he invaded and stole part of Georgia and in 2014 when he invaded and stole Crimea from Ukraine His pattern of imperialistic land grabs have led directly to NATO being involved this time. Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia all border Russia and are in NATO so why didn’t he invade them when they joined in 2004 especially since they are closer to Moscow than Ukraine? Putin came to power in 2000 so he could have initiated military action. Why did Ukraine’s desire in joining NATO trigger him now when the 3 countries mentioned above joining NATO did not? It’s because he knew attacking a non-NATO country like Ukraine would not elicit a military response from NATO and he thought he could steal the entire country of Ukraine with minor consequences. He was following Hitler’s playbook of expansion to a Tee and it bit him in the arse. Slava Ukraini and screw the dictator Putin!

  3. All hopes go out to my loved Ukraine people. Stay strong! We will take as much refugees as possible until u have peace again ❤️

    1. @00- 00 idk. The US act like they are so scared of immigrants. They complain about the boarders all the time. I really hope they do though

    2. @Latonya Ford Theses a difference between illegal immigrants and refugees fleeing their country due to a nut case Russian leader bombing their country..
      Mexicans flock to come to the USA..
      When Mexicans should take back their gorgeous country

  4. A millionaire former championship boxer, not running or sitting on a yacht overseas – but fighting for freedom, no privilege, or using his money as an advantage to get away – just doing what is right and fighting for his people. An example of true humanity & decency. American politicians take note.

    1. @Gigglemania Runnin’ Wild That was an argument? No point in arguing with unreasonable people. Everything you don`t like is fake news.I`m not gonna change that. All I can do is poke fun at it.

    2. @T Walk because we cherry pick what we think is a just cause. Why haven’t we been this pro active on Palestine? Yemen? Etc? It’s funny because the double standards we pull is beyond pathetic.

  5. The irony is 1000 years ago Ukraine was a thriving cultural hub of its own, when Moscow was barely a tent. History awards Ukraine to the Ukranian people and I hope they can keep it without being destroyed in the process. God speed to all Ukranians

    1. Yes and 1000 years ago that very kiev was inhabitated by Russians – learn the facts! Thats why its called kievian RUS and not kievian ukrainians!! Then the mongols came and the russians went to moscow and made that city too a thriving place!

    2. The Russians were Finland farmers with no identity and they borrowed Ukraine’s identity. even today they don’t have any original ideas.
      they have No ability to lead unless leading yourself in a circle is some kind of ability

    3. @Brenda Baca I stand for Ukraine 100%, but for God sake, go study history before leaving any comments online. facepalm…

    4. @Woodrow Wilson Yeah whatever. Its clearly a thriving place. Thriving itself back to the dark ages.

    5. @Woodrow Wilson Ukraine’s old name is Ruthenia. Rus is Ukraine and Belarus. Some parts of Russia are too, like Novgorod, but it has nothing to do with modern Russia as a whole.

  6. He choose to serve the people instead of living an easy life. And he isn’t backing off. A true example of a man of virtue.

  7. Deep admiration and total respect for Mayor Klitschko. The whole world can take his example for what being a true human being means.

    1. And maybe America can get off its useless arse and get Ukraine those 29 Polish MIGs. Bloody disgrace.

  8. More and more all I can think is how impressive, brave, strong and honorable Ukranians are. These people deserve to be helped and saved.Democracy MUST be saved

    1. @Stephen Nics
      You’re regurgitating Putin’s and his Puppet Trump’s vengeful words against Ukrainians who love their president because Zelenskyy does and says exactly what the Ukrainians want!

      Ukrainians will not abandon their country so Zelenskyy fights along side with them! They all fight for their nation and their freedom! Zelenskyy is the epitome of the Ukrainian Heart, their Souls and their Voice!

      So stop regurgitating Putin’s and Trump’s vengeful and zealous lies!
      These Traitorous Cowards would never be loved and admired for their courage and their honor because they’re cold hatefilled hearts are bereft of any integrity and honor! And their followers and supporters are just like them!

    2. @Stephen Nics Yet those people love him and his leadership unlike whatever coward politician you choose to blindly follow even though they would let you die for an extra thousand dollars.

  9. Respect from Romania for Ukraine people, Ukraine Army, president Zelensky and Mayor of Kiev!

  10. It’s crazy times when a great ex heavyweight champion is at the helm of defending his country, in one of the most important wars of the 21st century so far. I bet he didn’t think he would be in this position 20 years ago. He could have done anything in retirement. He could have took his money to some European tax haven and spent his life living on a yacht or living in a mansion, but he decided to go back to his homeland and try to make his country and the world a better place. Not many multi million dollar sports stars world have done this, most would have had a playboy lifestyle in retirement. What a great example of a human being. I pray for him, and the people around him that they get out of this alive, even though I have my doubts, because I believe he will go down fighting to the last.

  11. We love the Klitschko brothers, such wonderful human beings. Our prayers our with you and all families from Ukraine

  12. These people are extremely heroic. An inspiration to the world and an example for those that chose freedom

  13. One of the most shocking things to see, the greatest Boxing family ever in this unthinkable situation. God be with you Klitschko family and all the rest of Ukraine. Glory to the Heroes.

  14. God bless Ukraine. My heart goes out to you all. A lesson to the world on how to defend freedom

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