Plouffe: If More Bills Like The One In GA Pass, Democracy Will Last ‘Years Not Centuries’ | Deadline 1

Plouffe: If More Bills Like The One In GA Pass, Democracy Will Last ‘Years Not Centuries’ | Deadline


Former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe highlights the implications of Georgia’s new restrictive voting law, and the threat to our democracy if similar ones are passed across the country. Aired on 03/29/2021.
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Plouffe: If More Bills Like The One In GA Pass, Democracy Will Last ‘Years Not Centuries’ | Deadline


  1. I urge EVERYONE to READ through the GA election bill. At least TRY to read through it. It is utter tripe. The entire introduction/preamble – 3 entire pages – is a single, run-on sentence. It is gibberish. The entire bill is a twisted mess of complexities heaped and twisted around more complexities. It does absolutely NOTHING to secure elections. The GA bill is ludicrous; there are parts that read like the made-up rules to the fantasy game of Fizzbin from the Star Trek series. Seriously, it is totally absurd and destructive to democracy.

    1. @Barry6 no it is not Hustler reason Biden’s getting lawyers involved I really don’t think this Governor’s going to last much longer he may get his butt impeached

    2. “It is gibberish, totally absurd and destructive to democracy.” – pretty much everything the Repubs do and say.

  2. Republicans offer nothing of substance, only division and the last dying gasps of a party that has become irrelevant.

    1. @David Eby you have that all wrong as usual, this is about republicans taking away your vote,

    2. @David Eby aww, look at you. You have NOTHING to back up your claim so all you have left is a childish grade school comment.

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis That’s because I’ve explained it to you ,but like I said the Demonrat Dementia is going around. I know you didn’t get it from Creepy Joe because he’s still hiding from Putin.

  3. A law based on a lie is absurd. Georgia is cutting off noses to spite faces. This will not go well in Georgia or any other state.

    1. @Friend Nope. Mimzy Jinx is 100% accurate. It’s not even up for debate. The top brass of the Air Force just announced that pilots must reflect our “diversity” as a country. Nevermind that most if not all of our military was integrated before the Civil Rights Act. LOL. But yeah. Let’s ditch the whole “best person for the job” and reduce the quality of our armed forces to be woke.

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis they refused to let the Fox News Network ask any questions at the conference. Biden forgot which cue card he was reading which is how he somehow started to ramble on about something else when asked an unrelated question.

      Your argument that we signed a contract to be terminated at someone else’s discretion but arbitrarily is false because obviously no one would agree to being kicked out arbitrarily. They can Shadow ban us, they can perma ban us, and they can give us a timeout but if we did nothing wrong it doesn’t matter if we signed a contract that allowed them to do it. It’s asking for trouble.

    3. @Mimzy Jinx Exactly. These people are brainwashed and in a cult. It’s hilarious that they accuse Trump supporters of blind allegiance.

    4. @Darby Crash You don’t know Q. You still to this day like many others fail to grasp this phrase. Where one go we go all.

    1. @You Tube so i speak 4 languages what about you. you seems to surfer from Atelophobics, hope you can deal with it.

    2. Vote for you. Vote for truth. Vote for blue! Make it a wave. Don’t let right winged fascistic tactics like voter suppression stop y’all!

    3. @Benjamin de Montgomery At least I try to sound halfway intelligent. You don’t even put forth the effort.

    4. @Liron Deline Would you let a cable man in your home near your babies if you knew the company didn’t do background checks? If not, then why would you let people who aren’t legally allowed to vote help elect people you don’t agree with?

  4. I’ve said this in other comments sections and I’ll say it again here. Fascism is gaining a beachhead in the U.S.. Georgia is just the start. At least 42 other states are going the same way.
    In Georgia, the ability to simply cast a vote has been hindered and, in some cases, inhibited. The value of votes has been degraded since the Georgia legislature can now effectively overturn or nullify vote counts that are not to their advantage. It is even a crime to help people who’ve been standing in long voting lines with so much as a drink. The list goes on. IT IS FASCISM.
    This must be actively and permanently dealt with. The Supreme Court must be either induced or even forced to stop this trend. If nothing is done, then fascism will grow into a problem which could bring about civil war, or its equivalent.
    The Republicans want to keep people sick, stupid, afraid, suspicious and powerless. This is the “republic” they want for you.

    1. @BS Troll I see that you keep ducking the question that I asked. So I will ask you again. How does fighting against injustices and racism make one racist?

    2. Some of those states are blue or purple candy these bills have no chance of advancing. Others will get overturned.

    3. Vote for you. Vote for truth. Vote for blue! Make it a wave. Don’t let right winged fascistic tactics like voter suppression stop y’all!

  5. You deserve the democracy you voted for. Rest of the world just looks on in amazement, who a few years ago would ever have thought the US as a beacon of democracy is no more.
    Don’t think you can harp on about democracy in any other country, do you???

  6. The Supreme Court has to step in to over turn this. It’s Federal not local State or County City

    1. @David Wright Supreme Court does not “step in”. The must be petitioned and agree to hear the case.

    2. @peachion2 2 cases have already been filed. Agreement to hear the case is “stepping in” and voting rights cases regularly go to the Supreme Court.

    3. @Old time Farmer I never said they did, but Ga is trying to do just that with there bill, it covers ALL elections

  7. We need to look at what’s happening in Myanmar right now and make sure stuff like that doesn’t happen here!

    1. Where did the coup leaders got their “justification” for the coup from? “There was terrible fraud in the voter list during the democratic general election,” General Min Aung Hlaing announced on TV after seizing power. The country’s election commission failed to address their findings, says the army.” – BBC

  8. If Delta Air Lines announced it will leave Atlanta because of this new law, I think the governor would change his tune real quick. What about CNN, Coke, AT&T, Home Depot who are all located in Atlanta. None of these companies will do it on their own. So boycott the companies headquartered in Georgia.

    1. AT&T is based in Dallas not Atlanta. Bell South was, SBC took them over. SBC was Texas. As for Delta, they will NEVER leave Atlanta. It’s too well placed for their route and cost efficiency. They’re also not going to find any airport in the world they can dominate or even get any gate slots like they have at Atlanta. Delta is all talk and no bite. Coke also same. Not gonna move.

    1. @thom wessels lmfao.

      You lost the first Civil War, and you’ve become dumber and more backwards every decade since.

      This time skip the Civil War, just secede. Please. We don’t need your backwards hate fueled ignorance, your poverty, your opioid addicted evilgelical backwards states. We will gladly give you all a pass and enjoy our thriving economies, our world class education, health care, cultural institutions etc. without having to support the welfare queen Red states.

    2. @Joshua Sweetvale Thanks for your tell card. Slavery ended 150 years ago, Einstein. Our lazy, permanent victims STILL blame slavery for their failure to launch even now. Get over slavery. I didn’t own slaves and I can only presume that you don’t either.

  9. Sounds like the usual GQP legislation, overly complex for a simple issue that does not exist. Overall that the Legislature can overrule an election is the most dangerous one, and I don’t elect my representatives to decide who I should have voted for.

  10. Why bother turning out to vote if your vote can be overturned … that’s what they’re hoping, low turnout

  11. The only thing Republican leadership understand is money, so boycott companies who support them and take away their contributions.

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