PM Andrew Holness Defends Jamaica's Vaccination Programme | TVJ News - Sept 24 2021 1

PM Andrew Holness Defends Jamaica’s Vaccination Programme | TVJ News – Sept 24 2021


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    1. @marv Anthony…. The vaccine is NOT recognized by the UK. Mr Greene himself said that they’re not accepting our vaccination batch codes as it isn’t in their system as up to standard to receive permission into the country.

    2. Vaccinations code? Am wondering what code it is, is it code to controle us like some robot? Caz this no sound like a barcode r some number written on a bottle.

  1. Andrew y never comes out and address the vaccines problem when uk reject mr green vaccine card this man think we are fool and the vaccine only last for six months so the ones that came to Jamaica reject ones because England ban that vaccine months earlies

  2. mr pm there are so much more issues that needs addressing, corruption, crime, high cost of living ect. this waste man get up everyday talking about vaccine and it is obvious he is clueless about what he is trying to sell

    1. Never voted even though it was my party. From March last year I started having an uneasy feeling about him. Don’t know why but now I am vindicated.

    2. The voter turnout out was 37% so he won by 20 something percent of that turnout! The people at large cannot be blamed for him in power, we can only blame the systems that is set up that creates leaders like him, people actually want to see leaders they can vote for but where are they? Our whole system has failed, where are the bright minds out of UWI? those that are leaders whether church or otherwise have remained silent because a lot of us have become servant to money and in so doing sold away our children’s future

    3. @Eva T Exactly, all the group leaders are taking money from the big guys to keep quiet for the right things and talk out for the wrong things, too much sellout and handout business as taking over our island .

  3. Lair Andrew November you will be in meeting with the man of sin the Pope at COP26 in Glasgow. Andrew you are drunk with the wine on Babylon but fire and brimstone for uno.

  4. So what he is saying is that our process is so sophisticated and highly processed that uk cannot comprehend it, for all those who want to feel safe from his speech yeah right lol, did that make any sense to anybody cause maybe I am too dumb to get the clarity

    1. Not you dum anju last his mind,all the evil a Play game with the mind of most of these last leaders, because them believe they all going to live for ever.

  5. History never thought most of us any lessons. What he is doing is no different from what we read about in the time of the slave trade. Our own black people was facilitating the slave trade throughout Africa and the Caribbean. I wouldn’t be surprised if you traced is gene back to some of those facilitators. It’s time for us black peoples to stop put our trust in a person just because they may look like or talk like us…

    1. U could not have said it any better. Jamaicans threw out The Most High’s wisdom and accepted Jesus so they are missing common sense. They definitely wont be awake until they stop worshiping a dead god. Jamaicans and other scattered Israelites need to stop worshiping Jesus Christ or the Holy Ghost/dead and go back to the God of the Old Testament and burn that idol and the new Testament given to us by the colonizers.

  6. To hell with England. Because Jamaica and our Jamaican people are so dependent on ” first world countries” for trade, tourism, employment, and so-called better living, they continuously take disadvantage of Jamaica.

  7. The issue was not about the authenticity of the ‘vax’ card the issue was that AstraZen ‘vax’ code is not recognized by UK.

  8. Yes defend it to the fullest to those who choose to take the gene therapy experiment but do not force, coerce or threaten those who do no wish to participate in this experiment.

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