PM Andrew Holness & JLP Gov't Performance Significantly Drop in Polls | TVJ News - Sept 21 2021 1

PM Andrew Holness & JLP Gov’t Performance Significantly Drop in Polls | TVJ News – Sept 21 2021


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  1. The media house on this island has got to be among the worst performing media houses across the world. For example, there a march going on now downtown to Gordon house and yet no coverage of it. We, still not hearing anything on the Nzinga case from these so called media outlets.

    1. Tvj is run by pnp cvm is run by jlp they control the main media of this country if they ever broadcast what they no suppose to a problem no of the big enterprises dont want to go up against the gov

  2. J L P and PNP dominance becoming defunct and irrelevant that would be considered a major historical events.lts possible but certainly not during our lifetime

  3. The system as it currently is has been deliberately design to be manipulated by both political party and have been weaponize to thwart every effort and interest of the disenfranchised class

  4. Andrew believe he have all the power he can do what suit him but he need to know GOD is in control and the wicked is only for a time

    1. I do not see evidence of Andrew as wicked other than he’s severely challenged by the pandemic . And am NOT a CULT for either party.

  5. Andrew Holness needs to go the quickest he goes the better Jamaica will be. He is not for us . Send him a foreign and let him stay there.

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