PM Andrew Holness on Floyd Green's Resignation | TVJ News 1

PM Andrew Holness on Floyd Green’s Resignation | TVJ News


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  1. He resigned no make it better.Why the PM talking about what other action should be taken. The man must get lock up and pay the fine.If it was an ordinary person they would be locked up.Make a corner shop open to sell someone a bread and police catch them see what would happen.He only sorry he got caught. He knows what he was doing. Not one of them wearing mask but they are there carrying on drinking champagne when some who locked down don’t even have food to eat. All of. them are hypocrites.

  2. No One get Lock up they just bring them to the station and charge them and give them a court date to pay the fines

  3. Different rules applies to different classes and status in Jamaica society the prime minister is well aware of this.He is invested with all the required powers through is office to bring an end to this social injustice

  4. The Jamaican people can only have one of two views about their leader either he or she plays the role of a liberator or that of a BACKRA MASA

  5. I would like to ask this question
    What Mr Holness did when he extended the curfew hours to 11 pm and opening of the entertainment industry which led to the spike in Covid infections , deaths and the pressure on the health sector and still keep his job which is worst ?

  6. Offence come but obiain to the one that cause it mr holness is not innocent u ar accountable for so many things unfairly smh

  7. it’s funny when the yutes them from the garrison break curfew you send police fi dem but when is a politician you are as week as a new born baby.
    he and everyone else should have been charged and regardless of expertise he should be removed completely from public office.
    when will people of jamaica demand more from leaders .
    ????? when

  8. Mr.Holness have video evidence and yet this man was not charged or fined? If it was me or you we would have been behind bars right now.

  9. All members of Government that violate the No Movement mandate must paid a fine. Not just the fine that set for the citizens that violates the mandate but a hefty one that will send a strong signal to every persons in Parliament and the country. Be strong and bold with your approach. No one is above the law.

  10. Them set up the good good minister Green, who show that video his wicked, the young boys like all of us is tired of the lock down.

  11. @1:05-1:44, of course he realizes now that there isn’t enough police resources that can be used in abusing into submission the class of people who in his words are buying the half of bread and big jill of oil, after trying. How short does he believe everyone’s memories are? Anjudas Holness is one lying POS. Hopes he finds luck in trying to use this Floyd Green situation to make himself look like something with some integrity, fraud.

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