PM blaming Conservatives for failed COVID-19 aid bills “petty politics”: Andrew Scheer


  1. Yeah liberals always blaming someone else. JT and the liberals has been blaming Harper ever since he got elected.

  2. Liberals knew full well that the whole package would embarrass them due to the widespread fraud that is part of the bailouts.

    1. The liberals are coming across as desperate, I don’t understand why they are playing racial politics so hard. The same as the dems in the States, it’s like the left in north America are up to something and know something we don’t.

    1. He can’t take blame for his own wrong doing so he has to blame someone else. Funny how it was all parties that said no.

  3. Also.. the fact that those two separate issues were put into one bill is absurd to say the least. One does not have anything to do with the other and so they should have been brought forward seperatly.

    1. Tried the same stunt with the first CERB bill, inserted dictatorial powers on spending and taxation for Morneau without Parliament oversight till Dec. 2021. The conservatives reluctantly had to refuse delaying relief for over a week.

  4. Actually , it’s all Maggie’s fault . She gave birth to this despicable fraud and now everyone must suffer.

  5. He has a majority with the NDP and the Bloc ,they voted against it so why is he blaming the conservatives

    1. because it fits his made up political narrative that the conservatives are the incompetent ones.

  6. I’m voting for CPC just to get rid of Trudeau’s offensive lying face. Honorable men used to resign.

    1. That’s because it isn’t a thing. It’s another made up lefty term to gain oppression points.

  7. Trudeau throwing a hissy fit. Can’t work with Canadians It’s time for a Non Confidence vote.

    1. It will never happen with the Bloc and NDP. They won’t side with the Conservatives for that vote. They are afraid of losing seats.

    1. PCs had two kicks at the can, failed both times. Get Sheer out of there, fckn useless. I’m also tired of the moist breather…

  8. Trudeau acts like a bratty teenager. Conservatives & the NDP & Greens agreed to meet on Monday to finish dealing with this. Trudeau said NO!

    I AM a Person with Disabilities and THANK You, Andrew Scheer for sticking to your ground and holding fire under Justin Trudeau, he is just playing games at the cost of Canadians. For those of you who don’t know ** Nothing in Life is free AND Justin Trudeau is attempting to BUY your vote using Canadian taxpayer dollars. So Pathetic!

  9. Hey Justin! Minority government requires compromises and skilful negotiations. It’s hard to do that when you hide behind a podium in front of your house.

  10. you can tell just by looking at Trudeaus eyes he’s switching from blissfully incompetent to vindictive and evil incompetent.

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