PM Calls for Death Penalty a sign of Public Frustration with Criminality | TVJ News

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    1. You’ll see… One thing I know about most criminals is that they want to kill but not wanting to be killed. I don’t know about you but I am tried of paying tax money for some heartless people to eat freely…

  1. The question Jamaicans should ask any government in power is how much tax payers money is spent to keep these criminals alive in jail for murder. There are far better uses for that money ie for the elder, sick, disable, mentally challenged and the list goes on. A guilty plea for murder doesn’t warrant lesser penalties it warrants a rope. If something isn’t done we will look like Haiti soon.

    1. My dads best friend was killed 30 years ago by 3 murders and other charges concerning that matter. They confessed and still alive today and in jail with life sentences. I am sure the amount of money it would take to process them for hanging would have been a lot cheaper then the 30 years of keep and care. But we are all entitled to our opinions on this situation I just hope they come up with some solution. Thanks for your opinion it is noted.

    2. @Lisa Morris the problem is it doesn’t work that way. Lawyers will drag the case for years and years and it’s much harder to get a conviction with the death penalty hanging on the conscience of judge and jury. Less than 50% get solved and less than that get convicted. Less will confess, less will cooperate. For the very few you hang, many more get away. There’s also the issue of hanging an innocent person. Not much good comes out of it.

  2. Death penalty….what percentage of criminals are caught and convicted? Very low percentage. Let’s first focus on finding ways to increase that percentage

  3. Mr PM you may not want to create a brutal society but the criminals are already creating one.

  4. If the community dont support the criminals, why aren’t the giving information on them so that they can be prosecuted?

    1. Simple, because the SYSTEM can’t protect those who do step forward. People kinda like being alive. You saw the crime being committed, you volunteered the eye witness testimony, you end up dead. Recently we heard of the judge asking why a key witness, who was a member of the gang, wasn’t being charged along with those who were being testified against. Dat mek sense? Until these gaping holes in our systems are fixed, then we will forever be in this loop. Also, we need serious judges with a sense of reality.

    2. Eeee yu think a suh jam dun stay go and mek a report then by a mawning are night dem tell dem street gang friends dat a yu inform, a better yu run cum over seas and let go information these police are worser dan de gunbug dem trust me i knw this

    3. @Doval MarshallWell listen to your MP telling u that the community no longer support criminals

  5. Mr.Holness, you forgot to also say that regular law abiding citizens need to be armed to stand a chance of protecting themselves and family from these terrorists.

  6. We’re also tired of our prime minister…. Nothing he can do to repair the reputation that he had before becoming PM

    1. And we not talking politics,I’m vex how these killing taking ng place cause our island fi nice but this goverment like the killing wat agwaan Suh him can get more money my question is are they gonna dear h penalty all the convicted murdered nuh matter how the person got kill

  7. Death penalty is not a panacea. Andrew, you are the Prime Minister. It is your job to fix the crime problem in the country. Short of the death penalty a lot can be done to help the situation. Neither the JLP nor the PNP is up to the task. Corruption, murders, crimes, grimes and incivility needs to be dealt with, with immediate effect.


  9. I’m happy you know that the communities do not support the criminal because they do not support you, you are the master of all criminals

  10. The leader doesn’t sound like a leader; he expresses hopelessness, and you are breathing that into the nation.

  11. Well Andrew Holness you have to set a good example. Declare your assets and prove to the youths that you and your government are not criminals. Show the youths that you can arrest and charge a rich person. SSL owners still walking free.

  12. When two politician dead or couple of their family members …they will implement the dead penalty quick and fast.

  13. Ban gun for a decade , take control anti up laws on gun ownership. Death penalty is harsh but can be necessary in some cases. But we must match penalties with opportunities at the same time , if we build a correctional facility we should build a facility for opportunities community programs charities , education job programs. We don’t want all of society going to one extreme direction over a few bad apples.

  14. Can’t remember where in the scripture, in the Old Testament only the death of the person that committed the crime could stop the abomination or curse in the land. So much innocent blood is crying out in Jamaica .

  15. You said that the communities were going to be safe and sleep with their doors open at nights. So that was a lie?

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