PM Condemns Illegal Parties | TVJ News - March 21 2021 1

PM Condemns Illegal Parties | TVJ News – March 21 2021


Now Prime Minister Andrew Holness who is also the member of parliament for St. Andrew West Central commented on the illegal parties in his constituency.

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  1. When the prime Minister say one thing they do the other might god have mercy up your people god

  2. We need to know that even if we don’t contract d virus ,but if all hospital beds are taken up even those who get shot, r in any crash n need bed will still in problem

    1. Election kept in many countries …the great USA the had high death rate.. kept the most recent …u need to understand government aren’t trying to stop spread …they are reducing the rate of spread. Big difference, I am not sure if you can comprehend….. but they were trying not to be in present situation where the hospital are all over crowded n u granny sick n rush go n hear say she can’t admit n she dead frm a simple illness (not covid).

  3. How him a condemn an member of his party a keep birthday. parties
    Oh come on what good for the goose good for the gander tan a yu

  4. The wisest thing that should be on every wise individuals list is to invest in different stream of income that don’t depend on the government to bring money especially now the pandemic is hitting economy pretty hard .

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  5. Talk about the election you keep in the middle of the pandemic.Monkey see monkey do remember they following them stupid leaders aka ugly bro

  6. It’s hard to get bed for regular sick in Jamaica can you imagine if COVID spread, the hospitals cannot manage

  7. Mr. Prime Minister you set the perfect example of being selfish you started it SIR TRY AND REMEMBER ! !!!!

  8. What happen to the big elaborate party u big friend keep the other day who got locked up talking Vaz

  9. I’m really tired of the misleading information. MP you know that is 7 persons shot and 2 dead because it’s your constituency

  10. What I don’t understand ..!! How Tivoli & Denham town a war how much pple a dead between both garrisons & the still have time to party

  11. So big man a bug act of selfishness wen u want ppl tek vaccine of dem want party… Wi nah tek it

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