PM: Firearm background checks will now last your entire life 1

PM: Firearm background checks will now last your entire life


PM Trudeau announces that a background check will now last a person's entire life for those Canadians who apply for a firearm license.

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  1. now no one will bother getting a license. anyone can get a gun in Canada it is very easy and cheaper then the store. the only thing someone gets for an unlicensed firearm is a fine, unless it was used in a crime.

    1. Especially with Bill C-21 it’s ridiculous. Why bother get a restricted license when law abiding gun owners are getting raw dogged no lube. You can’t even store your handgun in your own gun safe.

  2. Does this back ground check include the street criminals?
    Or how can this background check prevent the criminals to get the illegal guns from our southern neighbour.

    1. You have NEVER been able to get a firearm legally with a criminal record. This move from Trudeau will do nothing to stop gun crime because criminals dont get firearms legally. Its typical liberal smoke and mirrors.

  3. Lol he wants gun violence to stop? Then maybe crack down on the criminals and increase boarder security rather than treating the law abiding citizens as criminals…
    Just a thought

  4. This guy lives in the Twilight zone. If a criminal wants to commit a crime using a gun they will find one for sale on the street.

  5. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  6. We are already subjected to a background check every day of our lives. How does he not know this?

    1. He does know. His voter base doesn’t however. The RCMP checks everything. However he can he say he banned assualt weapons which we don’t have, and isn’t even terminology outside of video games.

  7. IF you do not know anything about firearms law, look it up. Not a single thing he is saying makes any sense related to crimes. Most of the things already exists as well.

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