PM Holness Discusses Vaccine Uptake | TVJ News - Sept 5 2021 1

PM Holness Discusses Vaccine Uptake | TVJ News – Sept 5 2021


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  1. There can be no freaking herd immunity with different variant popping up…. By the way these vaccines don’t work on the new variant

    1. That’s because it’s not about any variant or any virus or even about our health, this is about vaccine passports and the control it gives megacorporations and governments. The creation of a 2 class system, those who comply keeping up their 100 or so jabs a month and those that refuse who are excluded from society.

  2. And what is the vaccine doing for us y’all need to take the time out and come up with a good vaccine then we will be vaccinated.. why take a vaccine that will not prevent us from catching the virus

    1. That’s the same thing am saying, they’re forcing people to take something and after taking it you still have to suffocates in the mask and still under lock down. And then he’s complaining that people are not taking the vaccine so we all can get back to normal, i don’t see how that’s possible when every time a new variant pops up…it’s very sad to know what they are doing to people in this world.

  3. Mr MP you’re the one driving fair into the people dem why they don’t want to take it, step down and let someone who the people of Jamaica can trust take Over your seat

  4. And i don’t understand what you mean when you say the kids want to take the vaccine but the parents are standing in their way, i can see that you’re goan crazy to make a statement like that, because i never know that children can make such decisions when they’re so innocent to what is happening

    1. You really see that this man is a part of the agenda to CULL/ KILL US. People the children 12years and up are. In PUBERTY so when we the PARENTS allowed our children to be EXPERIMENTED ON THEY WILL BECOME STERILE, there will be no next GENERATION, parents lets stand together for the HEALTH AND WELFARE OF OUR CHILDREN. Could say more, this will do for now. REMEMBER THAT THIS (NIMROD IS PART OF THE ELITES.

  5. The population is already 99% resistant to this virus. Less than 1% of persons will get really sick and die. How can you mandate a whole population to be vaccinated in such a situation. Getting the jab should be a Matter of personal choice/ responsibility.

    1. Well said 👏💯💯💯💯👍👍👍 this DEVIL 😈 taking INSTRUCTION from these ELITES overseas’ all because they give him covid relief money 💰… he’s going to do anything necessary to push this AGENDA POISON’ ON THE NATION… he can’t be trusted Jamaica …

    2. You haven’t been told what this is about yet. Holness pretends this is about fighting a virus, but it’s really about vaccine passports. You only have to look abroad to see what game they’re playing – Medical tyranny.

  6. Andrew holness you need to repent from your sins why are you pushing this evil agenda on your own people the Lord is watching you where is your fear you do not believe in God our church leaders fail to do there Duty… if parents they are giving their children to moloch the Supreme demon enemy of soul. parent should read the Bible to your children on let them know Jesus Christ🙏🙏🙏

  7. u not giving the people them food people are sufferings. an u want give them vaccine an hungry belly. how an u gave hungry people vacine. an after them take it. they go back home with nuthing to eat.only abt ur self

  8. “I am not please”What do you mean Hon.Andrew ?didn’t the Bible say”The whole duty of man is to fear God and keep His commandments”? I didn’t know we should be men pleasers

  9. Am praying tht none of who’s children who already took the va,ccine don’t get really ill,r die. God forbid. But it won’t be a good sight in ja if tht do happen.. n I hope they don’t try on hide it if any child got ill from d big V..Mr A-H be carful.

  10. With all due respect to our prime minister, the parent is the authority of the child and knows what’s best for their child and not the state.

  11. How can the term “herd immunity” be used when referring to human beings? This is insulting we are not cattles! Those who have been tricked, have already taken your solution, the rest don’t want it. Stop trying to deceive the masses.

    1. We are a herd species who like to think in groups and the term herd immunity is only used in the context that a fairly large proportion of the population is immune, so that any virus doing the rounds runs out of hosts to infect, because they are from different social groups. What Holness and public Health officials choose to forget is many are already immune through natural means, having been infected and recovered and that immunity will last decades.

  12. This prime minister needs jesus..he needs to read is bible and see what God can do for his people and what he do to evil doers

  13. How Andrew to say that children want to get vaccinated and parents are standing in their way… so wait they Andrew when you make a speech like that what you have us to think of you as a Prime minister.. no the parents consent is best for their child or children… you cannot put that to a child. Come on… parents consent are 1st… you go and let your children them take it..

  14. Does children have the right to decide on vacation? The prime minister speaks ignorantly…. Parents standing in their way what is he saying? Smh

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