PM Holness Responds to Development Concerns in Jamaica | TVJ News - Dec 8 2021 1

PM Holness Responds to Development Concerns in Jamaica | TVJ News – Dec 8 2021


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  1. Excuse please? Building? What happened to hospital updates like mobay
    Lots started lets finish
    Whats important first.
    That would be nice Christmas gift for jamaica:-D

  2. Go and fix the crime issue,thats the least of the problem safety first.Poor policies,and lack of results its time Jamaicans wake up.

  3. You will now hear that persons are bad mind because of their development when in fact that is not so. We need to be more concerned with the implications on the environment and also should question these rogue “developers” who have not an ounce of concern for people’s privacy. These same “developers” want to go around and acquire peoples properties that they spent their life savings on for little and nothing, erect humongous skyscrapers and make millions of profit ten times over and leave the owners with little or nothing. When they can’t acquire the properties LEGALLY they resort to illegal & CRIMINAL means by dispatching their, low life creatures, SCAMMERS AND GUN MAN AND GUN WOMAN TO INTIMIDATE the persons. TOTALLY DISGUSTING. There was an article in the paper some time ago where there was an issue in respect to a development in the golden triangle, I believe that the residence and Association had an issue with. The matter was taken to court and shortly thereafter, they are alleging that he went to St.Mary with young woman and was found dead……These “developers” need to receive a true and thorough reckoning. They are LAWLESS, disgusting and have absolutely no care for life and worship only the useless dollar they collect and or sell those properties for. As for me, once you see these developments you can tell the kinds of persons that are involved and STAY COEAR OF THEM. DONT PURCHASE THEM. Don’t even go and borrow bank money to hand over to them. Some of these same developers use STOLEN MATERIALS. Imagine the “make back on that…🧐🙄🙄. It’s a shame and disgrace that people cannot live peacefully in their own homes and enjoy their PRIVACY TO WHICH THEY ARE ENTITLED TO.🤡🤡🤡

  4. Tackle the crime that is what you need to do , all you do a chat unnecessary rubbish right now that is not so relevant. Spend a day with the police and do more for crime.

  5. I want to know Andrew meaning of (serious) fi him serious is a joke , big investors are treating citizens who own their land , Andrew you and your administration have not done nothing for the citizens of Jamaica.

  6. I want to hear more about NHT titled affordable home projects that have houses built with the intention of attracting many like my self being built in areas that are known for gang violence

  7. Stop the foolishness about dam road and go work on stopping all the crime in the country soo much people losing their life

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