PM Justin Trudeau receives the AstraZeneca vaccine 1

PM Justin Trudeau receives the AstraZeneca vaccine


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau receive their first dose of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

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    1. @Paul Murray please specify the ingredients of concern and how they effect your functionality? I’d love a physiology lesson from a real biochemist!

    2. @Isaac Griffin I wonder how they think they’re immune when they still have to wear their mask and social distance

  1. What? No land marking for the shot? Im a RN and ive never given a shot one handed before shes got skills so long as shes hitting the deltoid

    1. You’re assuming there’s a shot and you’re assuming there’s a deltoid; I see no evidence of either.

    2. @Tracey Ross RN here, you dont need bandaid if they dont bleed and if they do it’s just a little bit. More to protect clothing.

    3. @Karlee Ball So, when you give a shot, don’t you immediately apply pressure with a cotton swab and ask the patient to hold it there, while you get the tape (usually) or the Bandaid to hold the cotton swab on for about 10 minutes I am 54 and that is the only way I have ever seen it done…Mrs. PM wasn’t even touched with a cotton swab after being jabbed She must be a trooper

    1. @Jim I know very well, what I am talking about. I exell in 6 languages better than english. That’s why I wrote that english is on the tail. I love english, but needs to be impoved. That all seňor.

    2. @Jim clearly *you* don’t know what you’re talking about.

      Dude clearly said he speaks more than English, and English is on the tail of those languages.

      Maybe you should brush up on your English comprehension skills.

    1. @Seb M.T. wake up little buddy.

      Try and see reality for what it is instead of living in your fantasy land where you think the government actually has your best interests in mind.

    1. Ohh he did, just off camera, but the lollipop offended him so he went in the corner and cried

    2. I think he should have gotten it in his behind for the camera. I don’t think that’s too much to ask

    1. @MasterofPlay7 That’s not impossible but I doubt it. The blowback would be so huge if it ever was discovered.

  2. If there was Idris Elba to hold her hand, o boy, way different (approving) reaction guaranteed from Sophie.

  3. that’s the exact place in the arm for a B-12 shot lol I know I get them all the time lol

  4. Sophie’s like *my bi-annual public appearance with McDinksocks is over thank gawd*

  5. Where’s the paperwork saying they got the shot, do not have to wear masks and can now travel and go into businesses? What a joke

  6. Lmfao, didn’t want to hold his hand lol they gave him a band aid and then a sucker off camera.

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