PM Pierre Trudeau’s 1974 trip to Belgium

PM Pierre Trudeau's 1974 trip to Belgium 1


#CTVNewsArchive: Watch 1974 coverage of then-prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau's visit to Brussels, and talks on trade with the European Economic Community.

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15 Comments on "PM Pierre Trudeau’s 1974 trip to Belgium"

  1. Adilson Colombo | October 23, 2020 at 10:11 AM | Reply

    This guy missed the chance to make Canada an even greater nation.

  2. The volume gain should be doubled or tripled with improved dynamic range.

    P.S. Trudeau’s experiment for Canada is proven to be disastrous; his ideology is continuing to ruin (or has ruined) this country.

  3. He decommissioned Canada’s last aircraft carrier…..Sad

  4. Like father, like son…failure

  5. You don’t see receding hairlines like that anymore.

  6. My Grand Parents told me that trudeau sr. broke this Country.

  7. Come see me, love you

  8. Love these flash-backs.🥰🥰👏

  9. Sicko

  10. Oh look Justin’s step dad,

  11. I wonder how much of Canadians dollars he spent on Belgium Chocolates

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