PM Trudeau announces vaccine mandate for federal employees

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland announced there will now be a vaccine mandate for federal employees.

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  1. I really hope everyone prepares because there is more destruction ahead. I hope everyone takes a look at the minister’s order for Saskatchewan as that’s where we are all headed.

  2. Husband is typing his resignation as I type. Don’t need the federal job that bad. Adios Prince Sparkle Socks.

    1. @Nimo Hehehe. What does he do? Drive a truck and get paid $40 an hour on federal taxpayer money???

    2. @Ronald DeSantis How can you come in here and expect anyone to take you even remotely serious‼️ Hehehehehe‼️

    3. @Jamie Peters You actually enjoy people’s suffering, don’t you?? And there is only one type of person with that character flaw‼️

    1. a covid patient in hospital costs $50,000 per person. reducing this number does help the healthcare system.

  3. Simple. I’d like to exercise MY RIGHT To refuse consent to any proposed treatment. see Patients Rights Act for more information.

    1. The day will come when Trudeau and his team will be tried and convicted in court for terror and genocide against the citizens of Canada!

  4. 2 weeks in and Skippy turns his back on Truth and reconciliation day, takes a holiday then puts this in place. Horrible and looking like much more to come.
    3rd dose is coming for you if you want to keep your V passport.

  5. Any government employee that is let go due to these unethical mandates should sue the federal government.

    1. This is an Experimental drug Trudeau is Mandating here and for some has had dyer consequences to those that have taken it, why isn’t he looking into other “Proven” alternatives that are Cheaper to buy, Safer, with a higher success rate than this Unapproved drug that resulted in 2 of the FDA top Scientist in resigning over it because they had serious questions about they ingredients in it but “Pushed” onto the public anyways? What do our Canadian Scientists have to say about the ingredients in this drug? Curious. NC

    2. @joseph King I don’t work for the government… If I was in their shoes I’d start getting organized though.

  6. Another 2 years of this clown will be painful.
    Going to Tofino on Sept 30th shows what he is made of…selfishness.

    1. Geez this guy can’t catch a break! It was a day of reflection! He’s not allowed to reflect with his family in BC? He did not owe anyone an apology. This is my opinion, like it or not!

  7. So the ones who worked to keep the gov alive during the pandemic should now have the ability to take the time off with pay like many others who lost their jobs because of shut downs…. Now you don’t want to compensate when it’s the other way…

  8. I can’t believe after eighteen months this is where we are? We have let this government completely take over and now it’s gone so far we will never get our old normal back it’s gone

  9. Canadians order a truth mandate were we get All redacted documents that we asked for quite a while ago 🇨🇦

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