1. @Yannis Laurin-Kamouche 
      Didn’t this lady write a few articles for the Toronto Star. One was to defund the police and call the quebec racist 🙄

  1. What is the point of a person being I charge of Islamophobia specifucally? Instead of discrimination against religious groups in general? You know someone who has studied it and is not part of the religion so there isn’t conflict of interest, or unwanted lobbying.

    1. Why is any Trudeau political appointee in the position they’re in?? Pure virtue signaling. My question is: why is she apologizing for saying what she said. If she believes it she should defend her position, not back track because of political backlash. If she doesn’t believe what she said, then she needs to explain why she made the claims, other than political gain. Either way, she proves she’s not qualified to do the job.

    1. That’s what governments do: Pretend to address issues but the real goal is to create discord and disunity among the masses..

  2. Que the raspberry followed by an emphatic “Hoooey!”. What a waste of money and time. Islamaphobia is not a real thing. So silly. I’m afraid of Ghosts, when will he appoint a special representative to combat Phantasmaphobia?

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