1. Perhaps Meng should be put in a real jail and not be allowed to live in luxury, while on house arrest . Stark contrast on our Canadian “hostages” because that is what it is.

    1. In this case they align. It’s not in Canadians best interest to ignore international treaties to succumb to China’s hostage threats.

  2. Contrved as it is , this is what passes for Trudeau’s big moment . He spent two days polishing this just for you A 12 year old would make the same decision every day of the week.

  3. Prime Minister Blackface is totally impotent. I do not believe he has the ability or will to keep Canadians safe.

  4. 🍁 With 8 million collecting CERB, and Stats Canada stating that more Canadians than ever are STARVING, I think Canadians abroad are actually safer than the ones that are here.

  5. Everyone feels for the two detained Canadians but giving into China would be much worse. That would expose every Canadian abroad to being kidnapped and ransomed.

  6. WTF is Trudeau talking about keeping Canadians abroad safe? He seems to forget that the Michaels were detained in retaliation to Canada’s kidnapping of the FIRST hostage, apparently that didn’t keep them safe.

    1. @ABC AC But we are part of NATO. I wonder if China is ready for WWIII? Maybe they should stop acting crazy and aggressive, other countrie could do that too.

  7. An independent justice system not taking input from the justice minister unless you want to.
    TF is wrong with you guy?!

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