PM Trudeau on meat shortages, supply chain concerns

Here's what Prime Minister Trudeau had to say when asked if Canada would consider mandating that meat processing plants remain open.

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    1. Griffin Walker You had your chance to vote. You lost. Get over it, and, better luck next time…

  1. Again, No Real Answers.. It’s Time To Resign Trudeau.. Canadians Need & Deserve Better Leadership..

    1. @Barry William Teske Are You Trying To Pull Out The Racist Card From The Liberal SJW Political Playbook On Me.??.

  2. Is there any truth to the rumour that Vancouver island is to be sold to China, to pay for Justin’s relief “” efforts “” ? Lockdowns can be expensive

    1. blue note No, which makes you a liar, and a spreader of dis and mis – information. Thanks for the screen caps. You are making a difference in that regard.

  3. I just don’t get it, the efforts and OVER reach being applied to Fight the so called ‘PANDEMIC’ are having far worse health and physical and mental and Economic impact then the ‘virus’ is…

    1. So, bottom line, in either instance, you are not bothered by those who are especially susceptible to dying or being debilitated by infection and or its effects. That you seem to get, without saying. Thanks for the screen caps!

  4. He has always , always just goes around the questions. He has done this from day one.. Not acceptable..

    1. Proof, via third party non-partisan, empirical evidence, might get you some 15 minutes, but since you have already used that chance up….sucks to be you.

  5. Farmer Joe and Canadians need to cut out the middlemen I’ll buy it for cash instead of destroying it .Mean while your product is leaving Canada in reefers to China daily by the mega ton while you deny it to Canadians.

    1. Maybe when he’s asked the final question he’ll actually answer it. Final question being asked after fitting him with a new neck tie…”Do you have any last words?”

    1. BOHICA DropShort Your insinuation drops you short of actual relevance. But thanks for the screen caps.

  6. Mr Trudeau, can you like get to the point? It is right here, not too far, just walk straight and you’ll be there 😔

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