PM Trudeau on why Canada is extending the border closure until at least July 21 1

PM Trudeau on why Canada is extending the border closure until at least July 21


The PM says he wants to ensure the communities that vaccinated people are returning to are not at risk.

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    1. @Sidney Boo Nope. Let’s agree there are different types of government. The one you mentioned is the one we don’t need or want.

    2. Why is inventor of mRNA Dr. Robert Malone and Nobel Prize winner in Biology Luc Montonier warning the public

    1. @Ian MacKie they didnt even show disrespect and let me tell you… politicians do not deserve your innate respect lmao

  1. Jesus can this guy complete a sentence without an “uh” or “ah” ? I’m not bashing any party, I just don’t have the patience to ever finish listening to anything he has to say.

    1. @Anne Boleyn an english private school in vancouvers west side in which he was fired from for lewd behavior towards teenage girls

    1. Technically he’s also the best though because he’s 100% of the sample right?
      He’s bang on average for all Drama Teachers who have then become Prime Minister.

  2. What do you do when your not in front of the camera? my hunch is you’re in front of a mirror.

  3. the oracle has spoken. thy will be done. and beyond sanity and wellbeing…all morality, intellect, and livelihood are also gone.

    1. It’s easy to criticize the work of others. If you are so smart why you’re not rich 🙂

    2. @Sylvia Argandar the only way to get rich in Canada is to break the law. Hence why our government is so corrupt.

    3. @Sylvia Argandar why do you equate being rich with being smart? What an ignorant statement or way of thinking about others.

  4. Don’t do what I do – do what I SAY! “As we said, we are looking forward to getting back to normal.” I sure do hope NOT – I don’t want anything to do with his “normal.”

  5. 2 Tier Society. The rest of the world is reopening but Canada isn’t. They aren’t following the science anymore.

  6. We are not allowed to travel out of the country, but we openly welcome 400,000 new Canadians to enter this year.

  7. Governments could have done their big worldwide meeting by ZOOM and save so much tax payer money, less exposure and no jet fuel adding carbon to the air.

  8. Please tell me how someone crossing the USA/Canada border in a car is different from crossing the border via airline. Too much inconsistency in the regulations, and it appears to be economic privilege for those who can afford air travel.

  9. What about everything else that’s deadly?
    Car accident lockdowns, lighting lockdowns. Then it will be stubbing your toe lockdowns, then hurting your feelings lockdowns. Oh almost forgot “equity” lockdowns those are almost certainly in our future…

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