PM Trudeau, opposition party members issue apology to Italian-Canadians 1

PM Trudeau, opposition party members issue apology to Italian-Canadians


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and opposition party members apologized to Italian-Canadians on May 27 for their internment during the Second World War.

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  1. Canada is a great country, which even admits it cowardly mistakes and wrongdoing. So glad that the government finally acknowledged the wrongs it did to Italian-Canadians, asked for forgiveness and apologized. What was also special, is that the PM busted out some Italian!!!! Viva le Canada!!

    1. Mulroney already officially apologized for this in the 80’s. Anything to distract from his incompetence.

    2. @Justin Kirshner nope I’m not confusing Japanese with Italians. Look it up. My error was that it was in 1990 not the 80’s. But nice try

  2. Sri Lankan Tamils were subjected to genocide in 2009 in Mullivaikal as well as atrocities during and before that and even now ongoing discrimination and oppression. Where is a strong international governmental response to that? We need accountability in Sri Lanka.

  3. Mulroney already apologized for this in the 80’s. Lol. You’d think someone would have told him.

  4. I know everyone will criticize me everyone will say all sorts of things but I ask you one question for each person you have to understand that the press at present has brought on documents and more affect a know with will be blown up the pole North and South Pole with chemical weapons do not give the name of the press So this must understand Each we have a lot of documents You must understand that the press will go before the international court So this must understand each person that you want to put him before the international court for neglect in the workplace and non-compliance with the job and misleading public opinion are many charges against the press

  5. Thank you. This makes so much sense. This affected my family and I never heard about it. There was so much shame around it. There’s no harm in acknowledging. So much acknowledgment needs to happen across humanity for healing to happen. It costs nothing to acknowledge.

  6. indeed there are times when I am very very tired indeed that all the press tries to catch me and make all kinds of political games but I am put I go on Twitter and let him go on Twitter there can no longer do anything like I talk on Open Twitter what I have to say I say in public You have to understand this the best option the more you do it live everywhere the more you have you will trust the population so you have to understand And we will have you will see the house you will have a lot to be gained by this matter

  7. This atrocity was committed by the Liberal Party of Canada, no other Canadians should take the blame but them.

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