PM Trudeau, Polish president discuss the Ukraine crisis | Watch the joint press conference

March 10: PM Justin Trudeau and Polish President Andrzej Duda hold a joint press conference on the Ukraine crisis.

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    1. @Geoff Jeffersob says the one month old spewer of hate. Anyone who compares Trudeau to Putin has to be looney tunes!

    2. @Pat van koll just saying if I had to have a meal with one of them or something I’d rather sit down with Putin.

  1. After having to sneak in the back door at 10 Downing St. the other day, because of all the anti-Trudeau protesters out front, you’d think he would get a clue that he is a laughingstock.

    1. @lesselp I don’t know. All we’ve had for 6 years is a dictator who gets worse the longer he is in office.

    2. @Robert Name one other PM in Canadian history who had such an embarrassing reputation, that he had to sneak in the backdoor like Blackface has to?

    1. Ukraine has tried to talk with putin and his government along with other countries on ukraine behalf. With not much progress. And honestly putin’s demands are ridiculious.

    1. @Kaahz Vi The Russian trolls are real and they work around the clock causing divison and doubt on all western forums. You may not be one (?) but at least show your contempt for Putin occasionally, just so we know you are aware of the bigger picture.

    2. Hilarious how you think putin would care about discourse in Canada, we aren’t important enough on the world stage and Trudeau is an international joke

    3. @Pat van koll he’s only popular with liberal arts majors that are far more low intellect then the uneducated

  2. Trudeau talks around every topic like he is trying not to step in poop, reason being it is his mess he is trying not to step in.

    1. The world is trying not to step in poop. One nuke could shake the world for generations to come. We have to handle this carefully.

    2. @Kaegro he could not handle peaceful trucker protest. I would think he should stay in hiding then hey

  3. wtf is with the translator. she is missing bunch of things and is overall terrible. painful to listen to

  4. Dlaczego Prezydent Polski nie zapytal Justina Trudeau z jakiego powodu wprowadza dyktature w Kanadzie?

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