PM Trudeau refuses to comment on recent Meng reports 1

PM Trudeau refuses to comment on recent Meng reports


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refused to comment on Meng Wanzhou reports and said the return of the two detained Canadians in China remains an ‘absolute priority’.

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    1. Yes, what was I thinking? How did I miss the fact that he prime ministers, thinks, lives & breathes part-time.

    1. I mean it’s common to not comment on such things during negotiations. It could jeopardize things. Relax.

    2. @FullMetal Atheist if an answer will jeopardize negotiations, he is negotiating outside his jurisdiction.

    1. If he has to abide to any orders from China that would be because the previous PM, Harper, signed a deal with them for 31 years. Google FIPA and stop complaining!!

  1. he would probably care a lot more if they weren’t Canadian citizens since he always prioritizes everyone else on the planet first

    1. Indeed what is the point to ask question to Judas Trudeauu …. Answer: blah blah

    2. @*trigger warning I IDENTIFY AS CAPS LOCK STOP BEING INTOLERANT TO MY FELLOW CAPITAL LETTERS Always the same reply….’continue to work as hard as we can.’..blah blah…

    3. But they would claim Harper wouldn’t take or answer any questions.
      LIBERALS lie tell your children the truth!

    1. I voted for him personally and think he is a very capable prime minister but this issue is leaving me with doubts.

    2. @Marco I know of his dubious financial fraud but it’s him disregarding the lives of Canadians that pisses me off.

  2. This PM is a dictator….. he cares very little about what Canadians want or think. Democracy is dead under his leadership.

  3. Trudeu- “my boss I MEAN!…China and Canada are working closely on this matter.” now repeat this in french

    1. Like how.. pardon her for crimes brought forth by the states? Violate extradition treaty…. than we would just be acting like trump

    2. @One Godless Woman yup brainwashed… better than always freaking complaining about a political party.. when the other is no better… case of my crap don’t stink

  4. ” For 2 years we have been working hard…” translate that to French and it comes out “we have been hardly working on the freeing of the Two Michaels!!!”

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