PM Trudeau revokes the Emergencies Act after trucker convoy blockades cleared

PM Trudeau revokes the Emergencies Act after trucker convoy blockades cleared 1


  1. Witnesses on Ambassador/at Windsor claim there were 6 cars on the bridge at the time of police closure. In parallel, side road access that would have enabled quasi normal trafic flow was then also blocked by police. The witnesses say it is very likely then that orchestration of the Ambassador situation was TO JUSTIFY Turdeau’s emergency measures for OTTAWA.
    The Windsor court had already declared the truck jam illegal and truckers had already accepted the decision, therefore to leave! There was no longer an issue. Yet the police blocked the traffic flow. Turdeau’s problem was Ottawa, where he did nothing for 3 weeks. He couldn’t manage on his own doorstep. He needed the E measures were to force the demonstrators to disband. The demonstrators did not shut down traffic.

    1. Yes… There’s lots of videos showing one road open everywhere there were blockades and traffic going through slowly.

  2. Slimy character! He was about to get rebuked by the Senate or by one of the many legal challenges. If he pulls back now there is no legal precedent against the Emergencies Act and he can pull it out again any time he wants.

    1. I hope you’re wrong! It was done and he needs to answer for it, along with all who supported it. They knew it wasn’t meant for this use and they were just making excuses. Politicians should not be above the law, especially for tyrannical acts.

    1. @Ken Bird Sorry but no Government Talks to protesters… who want to hold a City Hostage unless their demands are met. If the Protesters wanted to talk, there is a very simple process for that. In fact the Trucker Mandates were organized with the Canadian Truckers Alliance, the Government and the Alliance worked to get Truckers vaxxed before the the Mandate came into effect, this is why over 90% of the Truckers are vaxxed.

  3. Cant proclaim to be against authoritarianism when scolding Russia THE DAY AFTER voting for the same treatment of your own citizens

  4. One wonders what other things he pulled off in the background while the emergencies act was operational. Surely this was all simply justification for something else.

  5. When will Tamara Lich and Pat King be released? Now that the “emergency” has ended? Can we get monuments of them and a truck on Parliament Hill? Please.

    1. Oh they will have the book thrown at them. Prison. I predict 3 years for her and 2 years for her. Minimum. If it’s beyond five years I’ll be shocked

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