PM Trudeau takes questions on Ukrainian Airlines Flight PS752 crash

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau takes questions from the media on the crash of a Ukrainian flight that may have been shot down by Iran.

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  1. Cuz Innocents getting killed in a Crossfire scenario couldn’t possibly be the fault of the Two sides shooting at each other!!!

    1. @Bear Arms …and you would be calm and collective knowing 4 hours earlier you fired 16 missiles at the Orange King’s bases…sure, wink wink.

    2. James Wilson dude be serious. Your position is indefensible. It’s a civilian airliner taking off from the big airport a few miles away. Heading the opposite direction from the city away from the airport. Not attacking fighter jets or cruise missiles.

  2. What is there to investigate did you not say at the beginning you have intelligence saying the plane was shot down ?

  3. If Iran has shot down a civilian plane it is their fault. Appropriate action should be taken against them.

    If it was accidental there should be no problem with Iran sharing the information along with an apology.

    1. And Trump should also apologize for amping up hostilities based on his mood that day…or his mood that hour….or minute.

  4. Shrapnel found on wings prior to bulldozers roaming through the crash site. Same old Iran with lame excuses. USA should give them $150 billion in untraceable cash again, Obama may want to have it delivered by boat this time though flights seem risky.

    1. For real, Trudeau wants to “ask” for an investigation, f**king demand it. its an act of war against our country

  5. 2nd biggest tragedy here is having Justin Trudeau going to bat for affected families and Canadians to seek retribution. A tower of weakness. Those poor families.

  6. And who’s to say it wasn’t an American anti missile rocket thinking it was attacking and Iranian rocket.

  7. It pisses me off how much he beats around the bush, Trudeau is a huge coward and he’s making the rest of Canada look like cowards as well. Everybody knows this was no accident

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