PM Trudeau visits hospital where COVID-19 vaccine given 1

PM Trudeau visits hospital where COVID-19 vaccine given


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited a hospital in Ottawa where the first inoculation of the COVID-19 vaccine in the city was administered.

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  1. Why is Patty even there as she knows nothing about health, maybe they called her to help to design the Hospitals Website.

  2. Trudeau, why didn’t you roll up your sleeve while you were there. I’m ok with you being the test subject. In fact you can have my share as well.

    1. I’m sure if it was a conservative they would be glad to jump in front of 1st responders or the elderly because we know the conservative motto “me myself and I”

    2. @biggame3107 what part of Trudeau can have my share did you not understand? Apparently all of it. Before making remarks like you did regarding conservatives, you had better look in a mirror.

    3. @Darren W. roll up his sleeve? That’s like a mother pretending to eat baby food to convince her child it’s yummy!

    1. @Max Weinbach – not sure how funny that is? Is Trudeau wearing a mask funny because he is two-faced, or is it funny that he has appeared in public in “Blackface” so many times he lost count and yet attended the BLM rally in front of Parliament earlier this year claiming Canada is systemically racist.
      Let me know what you think.

    2. @Coach TMAC No, an actual mask…a video is represented as both visual and auditory. You can see for yourself. Personally, I don’t care for the guy as a PM but I am not going to microscopically nitpick on everything he does. You didn’t point out the others who are just as close and are medical officers, did you?

    1. @Max Weinbach the did when he quarantined when his wife had COVID. Now he’s out there doing his job and complained again.

  3. If you think guberment cares about you, I’m guessing you still think Santa slides down the chimney and puts gifts under the tree!

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