1. He’s such a crook. I’d love to meet him in person get him to sign some posters Chyna viras the book ezra

    1. I’d like to meet him in person too first to sign Ezra’s book secondly to test his boxing skills!

    2. @Sativa Rommola yes! Perhaps we can get the we charity to sponsor the event. Boxing ring, lights, referee end a shitload of spectators spaced 6 feet apart LOL 🙂

    1. Why don’t the other Parties call for a vote of no confidence?? Because they are all the same, and want power! PPC or Bust next Election!

    2. @crippledwonder : Justin Trudeau : ” There is a level of admiration I actually have for China, because their basic dictatorship
      is allowing them to actually turn their economy around . . . . “

  2. So the francophone prince sidesteps and does not attend parliament. Why? Because our esteemed PM might need to address some embarassing questions first person on the Wee scandal. And his handlers say that is great strategy. Welcome to the 2020 Liberals.

  3. This WE looks like bunch of scammers paying themselves huge pay . Why would a charity by land or property. Why would WE pay Justin’s family $ 200 grand and more to speak? Some are saying this was huge scandal to buy land and resell it later ?

    1. @createone100 both founders of we are obscenely rich.. from their work running that organization.. it screams corruption..

  4. Trudeau should have known from the first scandal. This IS the 3rd one. No appologies will fix this especially when it’s in the family. Investigate.

  5. Trudeau has no interest in answering any questions regarding his latest scandal, he is a coward.

  6. This is no surprise at all that Mr Blackface took a day off as the WE scandal is closing in on him.

  7. The guilty always run & hide.
    Trudeau has a PATTERN of running & hiding so this is no surprise…

  8. trudeau is looking at this as a joke. if this was court, he would be in contempt. a warrant should be issued and drag him there if you have to.

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