PM urges Public to Take Covid Protocols Seriously | TVJ News - July 24 2021 1

PM urges Public to Take Covid Protocols Seriously | TVJ News – July 24 2021


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  1. Where the heck that 44 thousand people are who got employed in Jamaica 😂 Honless is a total waste

  2. Mr PM can you please do something about crime And criminals????? This Is our real problem while your here working about COVID-19 protocol how about come up with a crime protocol???? Yeah Man ballistic vest And helmets we want Fi wear not a mask that can’t stop gunshot

  3. This damn man looks like all he cared about is covid 19 look how crime rampant and all this man talk about is covid something na add up

    1. Across the world not just Jamaica. COVID is precedence over crime and the hike of food, homeless, and mental health.

    2. @Michelle Feurtado Please stop telling lies just to defend Holness n JLP. Even before covid Holness wasnt doing anything about the daily murders. In his second year being PM murders were 1600+. Not a word from him then

    3. @Blade Brown You hear me telling lies. I represent no party or Holnes. I clearly said all across the world COVID is important. No one in looking at the hike or price of food or other daily living.
      So, if you did not understand or comprehend what I said. All you need to do is go back and re-read my comment. I also have a right to speak.

    4. Covid important weh kmrt man stop follow fool turn fool COVID-19 a joke notice they have to be letting out stronger And More deadly variants????? Why you think that happening????the script is to take away our freedom And vaccine The whole world

  4. So there’s going to be a second year children will be out of school? That don’t prove Andrew Holness administration is a failure?

    1. It will happen if people refuse to follow protocol. Even if you’re vaccinated you should continue to wear your mask for your own good.

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