PNP Believes Jamaican PM too Powerful - March 24 2021 1

PNP Believes Jamaican PM too Powerful – March 24 2021


Opposition Leader Mark Golding, is raising concerns about the powers of the Prime Minister under the disaster risk management act.

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    1. Who remember the first interview with WHO wen covid jus hit Jamaica? Watch it and listen keenly..this definitely the new world order and more

  1. They can find money for so much…
    And so many deplorable living condition exists in Kingston ..

  2. The government do not have a clue about crime let not waste no more time talking about that what exactly the governor-general do

  3. tyranny:
    cruel and oppressive government or rule.
    absolute power
    undemocratic rule
    reign of terror
    a state under cruel and oppressive government.
    cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary use of power or control.

    1. Unnu need fi come liv a di country that i live in..break covid rules and its two years in prison

    2. This was what our people wanted, now crime is so high and nothing being done. God help us, seems the more we pray, the worst it gets, but we who knows the worth of prayer, will continue to pray.

  4. this man is overstepping his power that the people give him . I kjee this would happen Holness the 3 card man . If he thing force is the answer he has another things coming .

  5. The amount of police we have can’t even police clarendon and it’s not the biggest parish so madom I love your message to who care and who never knew

  6. Remember the words of our forefathers …pray without ceasing ..a man is just a man… God a God.. Evil people cannot do more than the time allotted to them… Endure

  7. What is so ironic about the opposition leader Mark Golding as a qualified lawyer, it really surprised me that he is taking no action against the pm Andrew Holness. Because as a lawyer he should know what to do, by filing un injunction in the Supreme Court to stop his procedure, until the court hear both side of the case. But if the opposition leader is just talking and not taking no action against the government, they will always continues to get away with his abuses power. When the government is being challenged by the opposition leader, the government will do things with more respect. Because the government haveto get his lawyer or lawyers to defend him in court, then the government will think before they do anything that is stupid. The pm Andrew Holness is abusing his power, as I said before, there is no one to put him infront of the court. To answer to his unconstitutional laws, which he and, his government is doing.

  8. Simple Questions:
    How are the unemployed youth supposed to keep a roof over their heads and buy food to eat?

    How is a small farmer to protect what he produces, when everyone around him is hungry?

    How is a family to feed themselves and other family members if everyone is unemployed?

    The people who work and are paid a salary, struggle to pay their rent and buy food to feed their families, what are they expected to do when their salaries lag behind increasing food and housing prices?

    What are we producing in Jamaica today?

    What will we do when the US dollar and their economy collapses, do we have an emergency plan in place? as we trade in US dollars and hold US dollars as our reserve currency.

    Look at Venezuela at one time one of the richest countries in the world, with its oil reserve but their Bolivar currency became worthless and economy collapsed, will Jamaica go the same way?

    Do you think Jamaica is in a state of economic crises, accelerated and exposed by Covid 19.?

  9. Crime and corruption was on a high before the election, and y’ll give the JLP a landslide victory, and now all of you are crying cheer up and be happy everything will be okay.

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