PNP Dayton Campbell Responds to Allegations | TVJ News - May 26 2021 1

PNP Dayton Campbell Responds to Allegations | TVJ News – May 26 2021


People's National Party General secretary Dr. Dayton Campbell, is defending himself amid serious allegations speaking on Radio Jamaica's Beyond the Headlines this evening. Dr. Campbell insisted that the allegations made against him by PNP member Karen Cross are aimed at destabilizing the leadership of the party.

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    1. Used to cool and smooth under PJ but still was because they were in power. Outta power shows up all the disfunction.

  1. Who would do such a thing to dat extent if there isn’t any truth ……N he’s talking destabilizing party smh it’s your freedom at stake if it’s going tru n if it’s a planned thing to take u down it’s still hugely wrong n shud be prosecuted

    1. Yes golding nah go nowey that lady upset about something mi a nuh idiot dutty woman a woder if a she did a tief the light

    2. A want them want u out to give it to the idividual but she nuh win her seat good a love her but her time nuh come yet she need to sort out her constituency

    1. Somehow I think u wud believe anything as long as it’s against the PNP….bet u didn’t believe it was the JLP MP on the video beating the woman with the chair!

    2. @Milo772 first this allegations is PNP against PNP, second the mp beating the woman with chair,no one not even the police can do anything about that when the woman refuse to press charges

  2. These allegations are not just serious, they are very dirty and could be very well true.
    “Power corrupts absolute power absolutely”. Let there be a trial to prove guilt or innocence. Word of mouth cannot be trusted.

  3. I believe what this woman said. She would put herself in this position if she did not have proof. They should protect these young women so they are not bribed to retract their statements.

  4. A lot of men in Jamaica, especially teachers are messing with children. I see with my own eyes when I was as young as 12 years old in high school. It’s just the norm in jamaica

    1. You are alleging so without any basis. At BEST you are an accomplice by having such information and NOT bringing it to the authorities.

    2. @Michael L you sound like you mess with kids yourself. Because when I was 12, you think I would have taught to report my teacher to the police right? when ADULT men were messing with 1st formers right? IN JAMAICA IT WAS AND STILL IS THE NORM. BEING AM NOW AN ADULT I NOW PROPERLY CLASSIFY THEM AS PEDOPHILES. I trust no one around my child.

  5. Why is this man not arrested and appointed a date to court to defend himself like they would do with any regular Joe ? Instead of handing him the privilege of public media exposure to sway the mind of the general people. Why not give every ghetto youth the same media privilege to plea their innocence when there is an allegation of such magnitude is drawn against them?

  6. Sometimes suing ppl can also be a scare tactic..u can be very much guilty and still sue “because a long time & why u trying to destroy me now”. While looking innocent because u sued.

  7. The fish is rotten from top down. He’s by no means the only one. What I know is this, if the man is guilty, bring charges for him to answer.

  8. This is the main reason why am not voting for no political parties in Jamaica if it was a little poor man he would be in jail long time and the police investigate after. In Jamaica you have one law for the Meades and a different law for the Persian. Jamaica will never get better..

  9. Well Mr Campbell sounded confident, but the LIE know the TRUTH and the TRUTH know the LIE, so let’s see, if Mr Campbell, or Miss Cross, who’s the truth or the lie these are serious allegations, the person who lie must pay the penalty.

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